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New map of the practicability in the days of the G8 and alternative ways


L’AQUILA. With the G8 Apex some measures arrive in order to facilitate the organization and for the emergency of the participants and the citizens.
The limitations to the traffic are narrow to the necessary, from the 7 on Sunday 5th July to the 12 of 11th Saturday July.

The circulation is limited or only prohibited in the roads near the School of the Financial Police, G8’s Building, and to the airport of Preturo and it does not regard the near hosting camps.
Residents, traders and whoever guarantees the essential and public utility’s services, after having taken a permission card at the Carabinieri’s Station of Sassa, can however keep moving in the interested areas. For the movements in these zones there is a bus service shuttles managed from AMA and the Police forces, with changing stops to the hospital “San Salvatore”.

For not authorized persons, the police has individuated alternative roads around the area of the G8. Moreover the ordinary transports of AMA will work regularly, except for some small variation.



In the following list there are the Streets with prohibition of circulation to pedestrians and not authorized vehicles:

  • Viale delle Fiamme Gialle (Fiamme Gialle Avenue);
  • The new link road between the airport of Preturo and Viale delle Fiamme Gialle;
  • All the farmer roads around the airport of Preturo;
  • via dei Colatoi II and relative access roads leading to Via delle Fiamme Gialle;
  • via del Poppleto, the way which leads to the center of Coppito and opposite way in direction to SS80;
  • via Cerritola;
  • via Cagnano;
  • via Borgorose, till the intersection with via Amiternina di Preturo (sr.80 Dir);
  • via S. Vittorino;
  • farmer roads leading to some private houses in Via delle Fiamme Gialle;
  • via del Campo;
  • via Fontecchio;
  • via Capitignano;
  • ss. 80 from the traffic circle sign through via E. Fermi – via Borsellino to the junction with the road sr. 80 dir (Shopping Center “Amiternum”);
  • sp. 33 – via dell’Aringo in the way between the sr. 80 dir and the limit to the town centre of Coppito, near of via Montagnino;
  • via Borsellino, till the confluence with via Vetoio.
    The circulation of the single vehicles is prohibited in the ss 80 from the rotatoria via E. Fermi – via Borsellino to the confluence with the highway exit A24 West L’Aquila.
    In other ways the circulation prohibition is only for heavy vehicles and flocks of animals.
  • From L’Aquila to Teramo it needs to cover the ss. 17 and then the sr. 80 Dir. The circulation on this last way will be limited only during the arrival and the departures of the delegations.
  • For Cansatessa and Pettino it needs to cover Via Antica Arischia and near roads, parallel to ss the 80.
  • For getting to San Vittorino it needs to cover the road of the Convent of San Nicola.
  • From Rieti to L’Aquila it needs to cover the ss. 17 the west or the alternative route through Via Mausonia and Pratelle di Sant’Antonio.


Whoever, as the residents, is authorized to the access in the zones to limited traffic can use the shuttle service from the 7,00 a.m. of 5th July to 12,00 a.m. of 11th July. It’s possible to obtain a permission credit at the police station of Sassa.


Temporary credits and valid credits are released for all the time of limited traffic 11 goes from 7,00 a.m. of 5th July to 12,00 a.m. of 11thJuly. They could be drawn by presenting a document of identity on 4th July from 8,00 a.m. to 22,00 a.m., while from 8,00 a.m. of 5th July to 12,00 a.m. of 11th July the service is active 24 hours on 24.

The telephone number of police station of Sassa is 0862 451433.

AMA, l’aquila transport company, guarantees a circular distance with capolinea at Eurospin Cermone. It will pass then through:

  • Preturo;
  • the hospital S. Salvatore;
  • the crossing between SS 80 and via Manzoni;
  • Tollgate of Highway West L’Aquila.

The service is guaranteed 24 hours on 24, from 6,40 to 20,20 every 40 minuts and from 0,00 a.m. to 5,20 a.m. with frequency of 1hour and 20 minuts.

The changing point between AMA and the service shuttle service of the Police forces is the hospital S. Salvatore, to the stop near old Ready Aid.

The shuttles of the Police forces guarantee two ways. The first one from the hospital S. Salvatore:

  • the ss. 80 in Saint direction Vittorino;
  • viale delle Fiamme Gialle;
  • via Borsellino;
  • Via Natali, in proximity of the hospital.

The second one:

  • Preturo, via dell’Aringo;
  • sp. 33 to via Montagnino where there are the ordinary bus stops AMA.

The service will work 24 hours on 24 and with the frequency of a shuttle every hour.

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