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"We break your butt": street diplomacy italian police style.

Yesterday a sit-in was held in Regina Coeli to express solidarity with the activists jailed in the last days, another demo was held outide Rebibbia simultaneously with the autonomous protest of the female detainess.

Today demos were held in L'Aquila, Salerno, Ancona, Turin, Rome and Naples.

In L'Aquila, a symolic squatting of an abandoned building took place [pics and reports], besides that a 200 people demo took place, starting from Via strinella towards the "villa comunale" were a sit-in will be held.

Pic: L'Aquila

In Naples after police had sent official "warnings" to some comrades a press conference was held. After that the city's main cathedral was sybolically squatted and is now about to be evicted. After a charge from riot police two comrades were arrested by police and later on released. Also the "orientale" (one of Naples universities) was occupied by students.
In Turin the rectorate building was occupied by students that also held a press conference inside the rector's office.
In Civitavecchia the greenpeace activists involved in the Torrevaldaliga action were stopped and denounced by police, while in rome some french climate activist were stopped and later on released by police.

Report from v-strategy demo 09/07/07.
Regarding italian police's demo policing strategies rome chief police conestable said "i think that everyone should make an effort to keep the situation quiet, because we have a significative experience in dealing with this kind of public order issues".
Faithfully interpreting the declarations of their boss the digos officers of rome have already started dialogiung with the demonstrators as the video shows[minute 3.12 an agent shouts "ve rompemo er culo" = italian for "we break your butt"]

Source: http://g8.italy.indymedia.org/node/622