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Wednesday 8th of July - Report of the action day

Wednesday the 8th of July has been a day full of actions in several italian cities. Solidarity for the arrested people has been obviously the main reason for people to mobilize.

In the morning the map of this crisis has been outlined in Rome. Rumors said that the White Rabbit has been reported on the lose again. Purple paint has been thrown against the Benetton store , and some fotoreporters have been charged of helping some activist to escape.

At last, a new space has been squatted in the Pigneto neighborhood, claiming the "right to a welfare against the super expensive student rents".

Another little sit-in organized by the comitee against workin' man's death took place in front of the Department of Work.

Pic: Rome

During the afternoon several actions in solidarity with the arrested people took place in the city. Lots of people met for a sit-in in front of the regina Coeli jail, despite the sit-in was called not even a day before.
Other activists organized a succesfull sit-in in front of the female section of the other roman jail, called Rebibbia, to bring solidarity to our arrested female comrades.
In the city of L'Aquila a sit-in took place, recovering the "Yes we camp!" slogan.

A demo with more than 1000 people took place in Naples, insolidarity with the people arrested the 7th of July.
A demo took place also in Milano, and a solidarity sit-in as well in Genova.

More actions took place in Torino.

Source: http://g8.italy.indymedia.org/node/563