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We, abruzzo's earthquake victims, have many reason to demonstrate during the G8!

For the costs...

Because this event will cost to us this year over 500 milions of euros, that will be detract from the reconstruction in Abruzzo!

We want certain funds, and not lotteries, sms, charities, shows, or similar. We want that the costs of the earthquake will not be discharghed another time over the population, but be detracted from the big events and useless works (G8, TAV, bridge ecc), from the military waste, from the liable of the earthquake damage.

Pic: Berlusconi

On the contrary, the decree 39 maybe will give us the crumbs of the G8, certainly cuts to the health financies and to the families and 1 euro of minimum stake on the new-slot. The money will be not much and they'll take it from the pockets of the poorests. But actually they have money, and here you can find it!

TAV: 47 billions of euros
F35 Planes: 14,5 billions of euros
Bridge over the straits of Messina: 6 billions of euros
Enlargement of the USA base Dal Molin: 76 milions of euros every year

And instead of this, they impose us a so partial recostruction of 1152,5 milions of euros, with 300 milions detracted from poor families (family bonus), with 380 milions of cutting to the pharmacy charge, with 472,5 milions by incrementig the minimum stakes of the games.

For the topics heandled...

They'll speak about overtaking the crisis, of environment, of prevention and handling of natural calamity.
We'll not pay your crisis! Our environment, our city aren't for sale. From this tragedy we've learned that is possible to prevent and manage natural calamity, with a little humility and intellectual honesty, but especially with the control by the citizens of the territory and it's use. We want to overcome the crisis by a partecipate reconstruction, respecting our environment and our memory.
We want go back studying and working in our city. We want permanence on the territory of jobs, schools, universities, health, social services. We don't want L'Aquila depopulated with new red-zones, like the G8 one, and with new speculations of external companies.
We don't want to be dispossessed of our city and our work, but we want that L'Aquila come back to life with and because of our work.

For the democracy...

To be really parteciping at 100% of the chooses regarding our present and our future.
We don't want to be restrict in reserves, without freedom of thought and movement and free speech, as if we were in concentration camps.
We don't want that our city become a “laboratory” in wich sperimenting a new model of passive society without rights.
We want to be free of demonstrate every time our opinions, we want that the right garanted by the constitution will be respected.
We don't want to be grinded down by the society show: face to the media's lies we'll oppose our intelligence, will and courage...and our anger!

For all those reasons...

We, evacuees peoples, thinks that the voice of the earthquake victims have to be listen, and supported by everyone and in occasion of the G8, in wich all the floodlight of the world will be focused on our city, we want to be present in active mode.

So, we greet and receive all of those who will come to demonstrate from other cities to bring us real solidarity and to reinforce our struggle for the life, not our passivity for the survival!

We can't delegate more to other our struggle, nor allowing other put mortgage over that.

We are eighty thousand evacuees, united and in agreement we are powerfulnes and we frighten!
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Source: http://abruzzo.indymedia.org/article/6682