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G8, the strategy of the No global "Processions, blitz and actions of trouble"

But the the people of L'Aquila aquilani dissociate themselves: we do not adhere

of GIUSEPPE CORPORAL L'AQUILA - Will Leave from the station of Paganica the gear of the committees No global against the G8. The protest meeting will take place in L'AQUILA July 10. It will touch the places symbol of the earthquake. It will pass near the tent city of Onna, it Moderates, San Gregorio, Sant' Elijah, to continue verse Bazzano, next to the first site of the "plan of reconstruction" wanted from the Government, to conclude itself to the entrance of the historic city center. And it is not excluded that to the show aquilana participate also representatives of the "Block G8 2009" provenenti from different parts of the Europe.

This was decided, yesterday, during the national assembly of the Net of the Committees “NoG8" carried out in L'AQUILA. But the "red zone" (the forbidden area set ut to defend the international summit) will not be violated - at least to how much decided until yesterday - also the town earthquake victims will not be the only protagonists of the "three days of the anger" organized by the international net anti-G8.

Pic: Berlusconi

The mobilization will be spread on all of the Italian territory and will have beginning July 4, to Vicenza, in solidarity with the committee "No From The Molin" and against the American base. The night of July 6, then, to 3,32 (the same one of the shake that tormented part of the abruzzo) will take place a torchlight procession in memory of the victims of the earthquake.

July 7, instead, a "committee of welcome" will wait for the large of the Land to the airports of Rome. And here perhaps they the greater moments of tension risk themselves.

To follow, the 8 and 9 July, actions of trouble will be organized and forum spread on the national and Abruzzi territory.

Finally, July 10, will take place the conclusive show, where will participate almost all of the committees of the net “NoG8". To this last event will be not present, instead, some motions aquilani.

Yesterday, during the assembly, the discussion on the opportunity of the gear, is enlivened itself until to reach moments of tension.

To oppose some Abruzzi committees and above all the motion 3e32, promoter of the action of protest in Rome (in front Montecitorio), against the decree of the government for the reconstruction.

"A bulky national show against the G8 to L'AQUILA risk to to be used by those those who wants to block the fair reasons to protest of the earthquake victims - explains Mattia Chaffs of the motion 3e32 - we will Not adhere, but however we respect the will of the other committees, that however plan to carry out fair struggles, which are not at the basis of the" No to the G8"" Net.

On the other side, some committees (among which Net Bell, Cobas, Revolutionary Socialism, Pact of the Basis, Democratic Medicine, I Garrison Italian, Net of the Communist, University Union, Democratic Lawyers) oppose :

"We should not fall into the trap of not protesting against this summit, only because it will take place in L'AQUILA - Vincenzo explains Miliucci of the Cobas - we should hold together the reasons of the earthquake victims with the right of to demonstrate against those little that decide above our heads and on our back. A final and unitary demonstration is necessary and fundamental".

Source: http://www.repubblica.it/2009/04/sezioni/esteri/g8-vertice/no-global-aquila/no-global-aquila.html?rss?ref=rephpnews