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Demonstration: Against the crisis, against racism

Milano May 23 2009

The crisis hits hard, the crisis hits everybody: women and men, Italian and migrants. Among workers, migrants experience a double precarity, they know that their residence permit will not be renewed, that illegality is always a closer threat, and the possibility of expulsion is always present. That is why it’s time to TAKE A SIDE.

The racism of the institutions hits hard: the Berlusconi government, with the guiding role of the Lega Nord, started a true hate campaign. The proposal of a “contribution” to renew the residence permit shows that migrants’ wages are regarded as an available resource to pay the crisis and to fund new Identification and Expulsion Centers (CIE). The institutions try to legitimate their racism calling into question women’s bodies, and allow for the diffusion of popular street patrols and aggressions. That is why it’s time to TAKE A SIDE.

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Against the strong blows of the crisis and institutional racism, IT IS TIME TO TAKE SIDES WITH MIGRANT MEN AND WOMEN! As long as they are exposed to blackmail, everybody will be in the same condition.

That is why we appeal to all workers, students, associations, unions, to be part of this struggle.

To impede that the effects of the Bossi-Fini law do not worsen those of the crisis, we demand that:
- residence permits are not affected in the case of sackings, layoffs, cassa integrazione and mobilità;
- both migrants and Italian workers excluded from state benefits are entitled to every form of social security cushion and that their contributions are not lost;
- the repeal of the proposals of a “permesso di soggiorno a punti” and of a monetary contribution, be it of 80 or 200 €, for the issue and renew of the residence permits.
- migrants and all workers are able to renegotiate their mortgages in case they lose their jobs; a stop to all evictions, because we know that a migrant without a house is illegalized;
- the prohibition of denouncing undocumented migrants who use the public health service and the possibility of registering new-born children remains unchanged;
- the block to the construction of new identification and expulsion centers and the use of the allotted money to fund social benefits for workers hit by the crisis; the cancellation of every law that increases the length of detention; the closure of all CIE.
- the guarantee of applying for asylum and an immediate stop to all rejections at the borders until a systematic asylum law is in place.

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Source: http://www.dachepartestare.org/materiali/volantino-manifestazione-23-maggio-inglese.pdf