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The Swedish delegation tours the Coppito Guardia di Finanza School


The Swedish delegation inspected the Guardia di Finanza Non-Commissioned Officers’ School in Coppito today, where the G8 is to be held following the change of venue from La Maddalena to L’Aquila. Sweden will be attending the July Summit in the capacity of European Union duty president.

The Swedish Government’s five representatives were headed by Maria Elgstrand, political advisor to the prime minister’s office. As in the case of the other preparatory visits made by foreign delegations, the day began with a briefing illustrating the sites and organisational aspects of the Summit, subsequently moving on to inspections of the various areas where the plenary sessions and bilateral meetings are to be held, and where the delegates will be staying and working. The Swedish representatives then held meetings with the chiefs of the G8 mission staff for separate in-depth discussions of the issues bound up with security, logistics, medical facilities, the press and telecommunications.

The day came to an end in L’Aquila city centre with a tour of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake on 6 April this year. The preparatory visits by the delegations from the countries attending the G8 in July will be resumed next week, when Japan’s representatives are expected.

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