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Metropolitan Police payout and apology over death of Ian Tomlinson at G20 protest

The Metropolitan Police has apologised to the family of Ian Tomlinson and reached an out-of-court settlement over his death at the G20 protests in 2009.

The amount of compensation has not been disclosed.

According to reports last week Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe had given authorisation to finalise the settlement of a case brought by the Tomlinson family.

Mr Tomlinson's widow, Julia, and seven of his children and step-children had pursued the claim.

Mr Tomlinson, 47, was struck with a baton and pushed to the ground by PC Simon Harwood as he walked away from the fringes of the 2009 protests in the City of London.

He was walking away from police lines at the time and stumbled 75 yards before he collapsed and later died from internal injuries.

PC Harwood was subsequently dismissed without notice after a police disciplinary panel found him guilty of gross misconduct following the death.

Mr Tomlinson's widow Julia said Scotland Yard's apology is "as close as we are going to get to justice" and said the family can "finally start looking to the future again".

The police today spoke of the pain that Julia Tomlinson and Mr Tomlinson's family had "endured with dignity" since his death.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Maxine de Brunner said: "I take full responsibility for the actions of Simon Harwood on 1 April 2009. His actions fell far below the standard we expect from our officers. I accept the finding of the inquest that Mr Tomlinson was unlawfully killed.

"As the jury found, 'at the time of the strike and push Mr Tomlinson was walking away from the police line. He was complying with police instructions to leave Royal Exchange Buildings. He posed no threat'.

Today, I apologise unreservedly for Simon Harwood's use of excessive and unlawful force, which caused Mr Tomlinson's death, and for the suffering and distress caused to his family as a result."

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/metropolitan-police-payout-and-apology-over-death-of-ian-tomlinson-at-g20-protest-8746001.html