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Resistant Art Festival


Alternative Cultures against liberty deprivations and standardization of people and cultures

Art is our weapon!!

They are 8, the 8 most powerful presidents, who, each year, dressed in $9999 suits, take the right to enforce their choices to the whole planet.

As an act of civil disobedience, we will blockade this summit. The G8 world is a world of wars, poverty and misery, loss of social and democratic rights, and environment destruction.

This year they will also decide to whom belongs our artistic creations (intellectual rights property) and how to control our means of spreading them (information and communication control, especially on the net), there won’t be any place left for Free, Amateur and Autonomous Arts and Spaces…

With all those who fight against this domination from the “world masters”, we will demonstrate, through our Free Arts, debates and struggles, that we can overthrow their new order, that a fair and equal world is possible and that our utopia is concrete !

As they exploit the whole world, this G8 must be the last !

As you can imagine, the authorities were not really willing to support the protesters in finding Camp Places. Far from it ! The repression was increasing in the last weeks as an attempt of demobilizing us, but most of their attempts failed, turning their propaganda against themselves.

They have only allowed 3 camps, all far from each others to try to break our coordination. These camps are based on the hard work of the camp group and costs for land and supplies for energy, water and toilets, therefore they can’t be free of charge. (at this point Big Up to the Camp07 Group :) )

That was too far from what we are willing to do, a fully autonomous camp, and if we want to prove that our utopia is concrete, we need to demonstrate it!
Moreover as the 3 camps can only take care of about 15 000 people, we need to offer more places, to rest and prepare actions and networking between the groups to all the others as well, even if it is with much less comfort.

On our camp you will find several Sound Systems grouped in rigs, concerts, visual arts, performances, a spray wall,… But also videos and speeches about activism, repression and alternatives, an alternative media point to relate the infos on the net, an info point, workshops ,… And of course food and drinks
If you have any possibilities to participate and to offer some other things, we are of course opened to any initiative/project/actions proposed…

Of course you will need to have some basics things like sleeping materials (tent, van,… and sleeping bags) and water and food (remember what means autonomy).

But what is really important to think about is a small PMR Radio walky talkies 1 because all the coordination, and not only for our camp but for all actions in general, will be made on radio.

The 2nd June, after the demo, we will give you a meeting point to go to the camp on the radio.
On sites like free4/gipfel/dissent 2 you will find all infos necessary to prepare yourself, to be aware of what to take and what is legal/illegal there, as well as infos on actions and contacts if you need help during the actions (first aid, legal help,…)

Camps and actions are based on DIY and autonomy so please prepare banners/ideas/paint and balloons/flyers/…

For those who wants to participate actively inside this autonomous camp we need to have a few answers to some questions (for those who haven’t got in touch with us yet):
what do you plan to do? When will you arrive? Do you need anything? Do you have a generator and if not, how many KVa do you need?

If you are fully autonomous and not really willing to announce yourself for reasons that are yours, then of course we will respect your choice and welcome you in any way :)


Free4 Team