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The imaginary of racist discourse (re)exploited


An examination of the events at the EU-summit in Gothenburg 2001 and their racialisation by Swedish news media

Seattle, Prag, Gothenburg, Nice and Genua. These cities may form a chain of meaning, not only commenting their geographically location, but representing a force of potentiality for making another kind of world possible. Alternative conferences at these locations are one kind of possibility. Humans discussing environmental issues, privatisation, commute possibilities and demonstrate their void against the various problems they recognise in our contemporary world. But mainstream media have not been that interested in representing the cities, the events and the symbolic imaginary around them in that way. Instead, they have been interested in focusing on the clashes between the police and demonstrators.

Download on http://nicomedia.math.upatras.gr/conf/CAWM2003/Papers/Hultman_racial.pdf

Source: http://nicomedia.math.upatras.gr