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Support group "Steunmaarten" (Amsterdam)

Support group

The support organisation is trying to attract attention to the case of Maarten and the many other who are unjustly imprisoned or have been imprisoned in connection with the European Summit in Gothenburg in 2001. We are co-signers of the ‘call for justice’ drafted by the Swedish journalist Erik Wijk and we are striving for a fair trial for Maarten and all other victims. Because Maarten has no chance of a fair trial in Sweden, we demand the transfer of his case to a Dutch prosecutor, in the hope that he would indeed get a fair trial here.

We can be reached at the telephone number +31-(0)6-42356735, our e-mail address is info@steunmaarten.org and we can be reached by post at Postbus 10591, 1001 EN Amsterdam.

If you want to be kept up-to-date, then send an e-mail to info@steunmaarten.org with the word ‘news’ in the subject or in the body of the message.

To support our cause financially, you can wire money to Giro: 6800419 to the order of SPG, Amsterdam, with the memo ‘Steun Maarten’.