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Statement, June 3rd 2007

Major news media such as NHK reported that some Japanese participants had been arrested at the anti-G8 action on the 2nd. We happened to have encountered the very Japanese this evening. According to him, after 24hour detention he was released. The cause of his arrest was not direct action, but having face mask while taking pictures. Upon the arrest he was treated violently by the surrounding policemen who even booed him: “Fucking Jap.” His interrogation was forcible and many of his valuable articles including camera were taken away. In Germany wearing masks as well as safety shoes at protest is illegal which could cause arbitrary arrest. Unbelievable security regulations such as those are being carried out there.
The story of arrest reveals the nature of the police oppression toward the anti-G8 movement 2007. On the 2nd rally, for instance, the police ordered the dispersion – this itself is unjust even as compared to the equally unjust regulations in Japan – and repeated skirmish and provocation by sending fighting squads. Everywhere we observed people being arrested with indescribable acts of atrocity. The reports in Japan seem to stress that the protesters were violent and provocative. This is not true as the example of the Japanese proves. We would like you all to spread this story.
(K, H)