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Protocol g8 workshop at pga wintermeeting 2007 in Hamburg

19 people were present, several people also involved in the dissent network.

It was quite a short time and mostly the workshop was raising questions rather than answering...

Internationals from variouse countries participated, from italy, spain, greece, swiss, new zealand and uk. But the wintermeeting in general was not focussing on g8 but on international networking and strategies about continuity.

We started with a round:

What are you interested in about this workshop and what background you have?


- interest in general infos
- infotour in greece
- radio project at anti g8
- interest how to be in touch and to find each other local at the protest
- convergence center rostock: interested in mobilisation in the rest of the world
- umsonstladen hamburg: go to heiligendamm or not not shure
- local hamburg: interest in practical infos for the affinity group
- swiss: interest in info-input
- dissent and pga: how to bring it together and mobilise international?
- struggle in general and pga as an instrument
- convergence center hamburg: what kind of structure do we need for european mobilisation
- connection to economical struggle and general system is important
- international mobilisation and what is still needed and what is going on is of interest for germans
- italy just started
- spain infotour, there was a meeting about international meeting in warsaw in madrid
- meetings in different cities in spain are planned
- uk dissent: quite frustrating because connections died and network did not exist after summit but now tendency to reconstruct for g8 in germany
- stockholm fundraising parties and busses
- france: since infotour paris every month a meeting (including attac)
- new zealand: links but only local demonstrations, connection via topics, wto connection, in scotland was a barrio with a couple of local activists
- greece: infotour last year, lack of information, translations are running, infoposter project, two more infotours in greece

short update about warsaw meeting
following international anti g8 meeting in rostock 17th of april in rostock (see: www.dissentnetwork.org)

questions, topics about g8 from madrid
- interest in massiv blockades, because not flexible in the region as foreigners / language
- problem with conspiracy, experience in scottland was difficult non english speaking, so many things and where to go?
- include internationals in decentral blockades when they arrive befor the summit starts to have propper information about region
- task for locals: inform people where to meet which kind of people, convergence spaces important, send delegates there for international people
- borderpoints: police interfer and lawyers at borders to make things easier
- costs?
- announcement of shengen agreement shut down in middle of may, bordercontrols will be reintroduced
- convergence centers are not for sleep, it should be clarified, because some internationals are irritated

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