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Invitation to a Preparatory Meeting for the International G8-Demonstration on March 10th 2007 in Hamburg

An important part of the protests against the G8-summit 2007 in Heiligendamm/Germany will be the INTERNATIONAL DEMONSTRATION on June 2nd 2007 in Rostock. This Demonstration is a joint project of all organisations and spectra of the summit protests. The international participation is of particular importance.

Therefore the Demo Working Group of the German Preparatory Council invites you to a

International Preparatory Meeting

Saturday, March 10th2007

from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

at „Kölibri", Hein-Köllisch-Platz 12, 20359 Hamburg

(S-Bahn/city railway „Reeperbahn", http://www.koelibri.de/ )

We suggest the following agenda for the meeting:

1. Report about the status of the preparatory process for the Demonstration
· Plan for the whole week of protest from 1.6.–8.6.2007
· Political and strategical concept for the demonstration
· Intrenational Call and enlargement of the demo-preparation
· Route(s) for the demo and time schedule
· Mobilisation process
· How to get there and accomodation
2. Mobilisation in the different countries and the needs of the internationals
· Short reports from the participants about the status of the mobilisation in their countries
· What do you need, in order to achieve a broad and succesful mobilisation? (What can and should be done by the German Preparation Group?)
· How can you get involved in the preparation, planning and realisation of the International Demonstration (and the other modules of the protests)?
3. Preparation of the third Action Conference in Rostock (April 13th-15th 2007)
· Political and strategical significance of the Action Conference
· Participation of international organisations and networks
4. Miscellaneous
· Handing out and ordering of flyers, posters etc.
The meeting will be held mainly in English language. Translation into French and German will be provided. Your suggestions for modifications of this agenda are highly appreciated!
Please register at: office@heiligendamm2007.de (Hanna Poddig)
After registration we will send you detailed information about accomadation and how to get to the meeting in Hamburg.
In solidarity, on behalf of the Demo Working Group
Christine Buchholz und Christoph Kleine
P.S.: More info about the Demo and the Action Conference: www.heiligendamm2007.de