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Invitation to the PGA Wintermeeting

• www.pgaconference.org • www.agp.org • AGP.ORG

Friday, 23rd of February to Sunday, 25th of February 2007

in the Rote Flora, Hamburg evaluation, network tools, future gathering and continuation of common projects and actions

Please send contributions to the winter meeting on the various issues if you can't be there, especially on the various projects started during the conference.

Friday evening
starting at 6 pm in the Rote Flora: food, welcoming, presentation and exchange of infos...
starting at 9 am with breakfast and at 10 am with setting up the program of the day (when to take food, breaks, what space for which topics, additions,...)

A Evaluation
• Evaluation of the last conference
• Evaluation of the continuation of projects arising from the last conference like server network, autonomous spaces, movin'europe caravan , kids group, racism group, global war and energy group and others...

B Pga tools / Newsletter, website and infopoints
• spreading existing documents : pga presentation (there's is an update to be done), newsletter and reports of the conference
• infopoints : spreading the survey, contacting groups and organizing the webpage
• edition of the coming issue of the PGA newsletter / content

C Perspectives
• perspective about the next conference :
regional meetings
debate about forms and content
next convenors
in the evening there is the option to ask people from / related to Hafenstrasse to discuss a bit or make a short overview of the history and situation now, if there is an interest (please announce befor the weekend) Anyway there are also pubs in the project to visit and some other places...

same structure like Saturday: starting at 9 am with breakfast and at 10 am with setting up the program of the day
A. Infos exchanges and coordination
(various ideas depending on participants involvment and interest) :
• G8, no border camps and other international projects of campaigns and actions in the coming months. updating about it so that we can bring infos and ideas in our own networks
• update on the chiaps ecuecentro and possible links with pga
• update on oaxaca solidarity actions
• update on international squatting solidarity (f.e. Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen)

B. various practical works
...could be done about the newsletter, content of the website...
There could be also skill exchanges for next people interested concerning the organisation of conferences : contacts, visa, money, structures, logistic whatever...
For special needs at the meeting contact us, so that we are aware and/or can try to support you and announce in general when you plan to participate that we can coordinate and calculate.
A map of the location see here
Please bring material about local activities (especially related to our topics) with you to exchange media and other material for the pga infopoints.
Hope to see you (on the barricades and elsewhere),
pga infopoint hamburg
contact: schwarzmarkt-pga riseup.net