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Legal Assistance needs cash!

Appeal for funds for an Lawyers Emergency Service for G8 summit

The occasion of the G8 summit in Heilgendamm, Germany in June 2007 will be highly likely to turn into a severe constriction of base and freedom rights. The freedom of speech and right of assembly will have to be defended, sometimes on the road, sometimes in meetings, against police deployment units and against stand-by courts.

This is where the Lawyers Emergency Service kicks in. The German Republican Lawyers Association and the Association of Criminal Defence Lawyers of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have started building up structures to provide service against unlawful massdetainments, denials of entry, holding-back of busses with ralliers, confiscation of leaflets and banners and respectively to provide effective legal protection and counter measures. For the time of three weeks bureaus will be provided in Rostock, where lawyers will be able to work together with the "Investigation Committee" (a German grassroots organisation that monitors police and court activities).

Cash is needed fort the provision of the bureaus, procurement of working materials and the preparation of accomodation. The Lawyers Emergency Service will provide service for everybody. It will only be able to work, if participation in the fundraising is high!

Funds for the Lawyers Emergency Service shall be transferred to the following account

* Postbank Hannover
* Konto-Nr. 9004-301
* BLZ 250 100 30
* Keyword : Lawyers Emergency Service