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Resistance needs a home!

G-8, give it up, you are already encircled by tents!

In June 2007, about 100000 people from many countries will take to the streets against the G-8 summit of the leading industrial nations in Heiligendamm. By their actions, they want to deny the legitimacy to the rulers to continue to devastate the world with their economic programmes and to cause even more poverty.

Whoever plans to visit for several days events of the alternative summits, take part in blockades or participate in the “Holy Dam of Prayer”, also sometimes has to sleep, eat, communicate with others, must find a room to hang out, to reload with energy.

It is to this end that “Camping07” – the Preparatory Group for the “Reproduction of Rebellion” around the G-8 is already working today.

For all those who will protest in and around Heiligendamm and Rostock, participate in blockades, discuss things or pray for a better world, we are preparing at least one big camp.

The camp will be a safe place for all. There ALL (fascists excepted) will receive a place to set up their tent, hot meals - vegetarian, if they wish -, big tents to hold events and topical information in different languages.

“Camping07” is looking for a space (or several), where during the summit protests, we shall take our life together into our own hands – our tent city for 20000 people will have no fences and also no private Security. Camps should be as close as possible to the places of action so that ways may remain short and communication works. If all else fails, there will be a bus line (final destination G-8).

Already today, we are negotiating with the political responsible on the premises to get appropriate spaces – we think that they also won’t be interested in 20000 wild campers around Bad Doberan and will therefore be ready to cooperate.

We ask for your help and support in the self-organisation, in a practical way or in the form of intellectual suggestions of the comprehensive task.

As part (module) of the overall coordination of the summit protests, we ask for the possibility for exchange with the various political spectra and the other modules.

Contact: camping07[at]listi.jpberlin.de