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International Gathering To Prepare The Protests Against The G8-Summit 2007

9th-11th february in warsaw/poland

An invitation to an international meeting of coordination to all those, who desire to build up unbound radical resistance against the g8 summit 2007.

The effects of capitalism are global, as is resistance to it. Seattle, Prague, Chiapas and Argentina are only few of the places that tell about resistance, struggles to create experimental spaces and protests in the streets. So many people were fighting for a better life in the past and continue to do so in the present.

To us the mobilization is just another step in the worldwide resistance against the transnational institutions of the neoliberal economic system, against the devastating effects it produces every day. we don´t only want to block the g8-summit, we want to attack capitalist politics, that is so contemptous of humankind, and we want to live alternatives to that.

To go on creating a continuity of resistance, to strengthen our struggles by networking and cooperation, we invite all of you to participate...

It has been more than a year now that since we first met on the preparation meeting in Hamburg in October 2005. Since then lots of things happened in and around the preparation of the protest against the g8-summit 2007. Concerning international mobilization, too, ideas and inspirations were shared, practical preparations started. So the infotour gave presentations in 20 countries, more infotours in Europe, as well as to Norway, Israel, Palestine and the U.S. are planned. This summer more than 1000 people participated in an international preparation camp, where the international working group was founded. This working group started the newsletter "news from the fields and beyond" and the international website (www.dissentnetwork.org). This is also the circle inviting for the international gathering in february.

The contents of the upcoming protests had been discussed in various groups, alliances and meetings, some (like dissent!, the revolutionary alliance or the interventionist left) created ecpecially to confront the g8, and others that follow a more general perspective. On an international level the contents of the protests had been discussed at the pga (poeple´s glolobal action) conference this year, a discussion that will continue.

Besides, people work on international protests against the g8 along subject matters. One example is the working group on g8 and agriculture, which among other plans call to support the worldwide actionday of "via campesina" on the 17th of april and for another day of action against the global agrobusiness at the 3rd of june. One day later, at the 4th of june there will be actions focussed on migration, while on the 5th of june g8, war & militarization will be on the agenda, when the airport rostock-laage will be laid to siege right at the moment when the g8 want to fly in.

Not all of the initiatives come from germanspeaking regions. Different antirepression groups try to include the experiences of former summit protests. They invite for an international networking meeting on the 1st to 3rd december to Utrecht in the netherlands.
The street medics as well get organized internationally. Their meeting will be on the 8th-10th december in Leiden/nl.
The project "Caravana Utopia" under the motto "Movin´ Europe" has been discussed internationally. In the netherlands dissent! was founded, which is going to organize infotours, and also in sweden people will do their own presentations. Attac france is publishing a newsletter and in greece there is a website against the g8-summit 2007. In some countries, like in the UK, there are independent mobilizations to Heiligendamm, etc.

The february gathering will be an important contribution to the ongoing mobilization process - aiming not only to call for partizipation in the protests against the g8-summit, but also to organize the protests internationally, to bring together the different approaches. Here we can interconnect the struggles we come from, we can make plans, develop strategies and get to know each other - to go on walking the ever more far-reaching road of rebellion together.

Contents of the meeting

The different plans, projects and networks of the mobilization will be gathered, the latest organizational, legal and infrastructural information will be given. We will bring all the material we have to distribute, bring yours as well.

There will be room for working groups on all kinds of subjects to share what had been done already and to continue working (e.g. on Camp07, antirepression, fundraising...) Another focus of the meeting will be the reflection of the process, the question of aims and the continuity of joint resistance.How will we go on after the summit? How to get everyone cross the border in the first place? How to best combine our different skills and tactics locally? How to best combine mass mobilizations and decentral actions internationally? Which actions can we take to prevent/reduce repression and to make it very, very expensive for them if we can´t keep them from oppressing us?

These are some of the topics for the gathering in february. There will be further work being done on a provisional agenda, as well as on organizational and content preparation during the next meeting of the international working group in Rostock at the 30th/31st of december.
More information will come soon....

To those who wants to dominate the world, the world responds RESISTANCE.

International Workinglist: g8-int[AT]lists.riseup.net
(subscribe yourself: https://lists.riseup.net/www/subrequest/g8-int)

Newslist: g8-int-contact[AT]riseup.net

dissent! webpage: www.dissentnetwerk.org


interventionalist left: www.g8-2007.de

plattform NGOs: www.g8-germany.info

for a revoultionary perspektive: http://www.antig8.tk

Informations: www.gipfelsoli.org

Convergen Center in Hamburg: https://hamburg.dissentnetzwerk.org

Movin Europe Caravana: www.vision07.net

Rumania: http://nog8romania.2wordpress.com

Greece: http://www.2007-g8.tk/
México: http://contrag8.revolt.org
Aktionmap North Germany:http://www.deu.anarchopedia.org/index.php/G8/Aktionskarte