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Pink Tank on the Runway!

Come to the Preparatory Meeting for the Actionday against G8, Militarization and War

One thing is for sure: At the 5th of June 2007, during the week of protests against the G8, there is going to be an Actionday against militarization and war. Also the material aim of the protests has been found already: The airport Rostock Laage. Now we want to discuss with you, what it exactly is, that we want to see happening there, and why, and how. Our first thoughts on this will be known to those who keep on reading. And who we are can be guessed then: We know each other from the radical-left anti-g8-alliance Dissent, from antimilitarist networks, from autonomous demo preparations.

We want to do this Actionday with thousands and thousands of activists, joining in with multiple forms of action and analysis. What we think of is for example: Blockades at the entrances, coloured balloons and pink toiletpaper squads, welcoming commitees on the runway, the famous pink tank bolt cutter ballett, all sorts of prettifications of diverse installations. All of this can find its place in Rostock Laage and complement one another in a useful way.

The airport embodies lots of reasons to fight the G8: In its military part many kinds of aircrafts of war are parked, in the neighbouring barracks the fighter squadron 73 "Steinhoff" is waiting to be sent in. Pretty soon the Eurofighters will start from here to practice air-ground-battle on the nearby Bombodrom in the heathland of Kyritz-Ruppin - for war has become a legitimate means of politics again to the G8-ers, and this requires practice.

The airport Rostock Laage with its military and civil parts is not only an important component of G8-militarism, but also - how promising - it will be part of the infrastructure of the summit meeting in Heiligendamm. So let us kill two birds with one stone: With the Actionday in Laage we do not only oppose the deadly ordinariness of war, we also want to place some obstacles in the way of the self-righteous summitshow. Because for thursday the arrival of the summitidiots is planned.

By the way:
We will get active already three days before at the planned bombing range of the Bundeswehr in the Freien Heide (free heathland): On sunday, the 3rd of June we are called to a protest hike and the provisional settlement of the area. Miraculously increasing pink target pyramids on the bombing range are being built to disorient fighter pilots, their colourful cheerfulness will remind them of an old disgrace: As early as 2002 the Bundeswehr went mad as hell about a command tower painted pink, which they soon tore down. So the beginning has been made, more to follow at the 3rd of June!

Afterwards we will take the triple jump from Bombodrom to the airport Rostock Laage, and further on to Heiligendamm. Because for us the protest against war and every day militarization is an important part of resistance against the G8-System. Besides critizising NATO-Politics and US-Imperialism we want to put on the agenda the role of the Bundeswehr as well as the general mobilization of the EU. Militarization to us means a lot more than war and speckled trousers in shops: the prevailing of authoritarian and patriarchal patterns of thinking, the exhaustive surveillance of city centers, the growing acceptance of methods of torture, the mixing of police and military tasks, etc.

How will we put all this together in content and action during the Actionday in Rostock Laage? This is what we want to discuss in Berlin - with as many of you as possible!

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