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Come to the Convergence Center Rostock

As the sun is setting it is getting colder in the courtyard of the former Ehm-Welk-school in Rostock. Some people move closer towards the burning fire ton in the center of the big mosaik on the ground, which was dedicatet to the Convergence Center by russian comrades.
People from all around the world are now arriving in big and small groups, pushing themselves through the Welcomepoint with bigger and smaller bags. Here they are welcomed and get the most important informations. If thez are lucky somebody will have time to show them around the house. There they will be show where to sleep, eat or find a computer to work on, where and at what time which meetings and aktivities take place. Everything is very busy. At each corner people are having talks in a different language. To ease the chaos a little bit somebody made small patches in the colors of different national flags. By them one can inform the surroundings of spoken languages and offer to help with communication problems. Some people just use the oppurtunity to refresh their language skills.
Come to the Convergence Center in Rostock! Some basic informations….

The Convergence Center “Ostseestrand” (eastern see beach) is the first point of contact for many arriving activists. Here they can strenghten themselves and relax a bit, get answers to their questions and eventually organise their journey on to the camps, which are being constructed at the moment. Different Organisation have their offices inside the building. Everyday workshops and other activities take place. Media activists will find a big and well equipped Indypendent Media Center to work at and even mainstream journalists can enter through a separate entrance to attend press conferences. Besides that there is a general ban on media in the CC and signs ask people not to take foto or video. Generally there is not much space left on the walls, between posters, graffiti, smart (or not so smart) slogans and a huge number of friendly appeals. Latter are constantly being translated into all kinds of languages by helpfull people. Friendly people smile at you as they pass by, DoItYourself atmosphere is in the air.

If you plan to come to Rostock in the next days then visit us! The following advices should give you a generall impression about the situation and familiarize you with some basic principles of the CC Rostock.

Sleeping in the CC

During the past days the house filled up with more and more people. Many just stay for one or two nights and continue their journey afterwards, others stay to help running the place. Room is getting scarce in the few sleeping rooms. Due to that there can’t be a guaranteed place for sleeping, instead activists should go to the camps where there will be room for many thousands of people. Close to the CC for example is the Rostock Camp. If it is possible somehow bring as many tents, canvas covers, hammocks and trailers as you can get hold of. Next to the CC there is also some beautful grassland that is waiting for settlers.


During the past days many old bikes have been collected, repaired or built into actionbikes. There are still not enough to supply all of us with mobility. If possible, take your own old bikes with you in order to be mobile during the actiondays. The surroundings of Heiligendamm are pretty widespread but still able to be accessed by bike. You will get information on public transport at the Welcomepoint. f you came by car you could also announce there that you offer a ride or are willing to transport stuff.


The CC Rostock offers all basic structures that are needed for a week of hilarious and effective resistance. There is vegan food almost all the day, which also means a good opportunity to kill some time cutting vegetables.
A big computer room is available, offering access to internet and possibility to copy stuff.
An Infopoint is meant for people who are planing actions or would like to take part in some. There they will get all the information they need, for example maps.
Of course there are sanitary facilities too, even two showers with warm water. Anyway we count on your help at keeping everything clean and daily cleaning groups are being organised.

Furthermore there is a bar for socialising that opens when it is getting dark outside. A room for doing concerts is inviting you to organise cultural activities in the evening. And there is a DoItYourself Cafe in the Groundfloor that is waiting for committed people to fill it with live.


During the past weeks there have already been workshops taking place on an allmoust daily basis. Even though the room is getting scarce we call on you to share your skills with others. Just announce your workshop at the Wecomepoint, you will be helped there.

!!! Do It Yourself !!!

Do It Yourself is the motto of the Convergence Center in every respect. We rely on your help in order to make the coming days a success. During the hot phase hundreds of people will visit the Convergence Center daily. That can also mean problems. Sexism, Racism or aggressive behaviour affect all of us. So don’t look away if you see people behaving in an offensive or inappropriate way. Interfere together with others and talk directly to the person. Patriarchal behaviour is not going to be accepted in this house. Together we can create a constructive and liberating atmosphere where no ones borders are exceeded and a positive cooperation will be possible.
In order to relieve the people that are working here constantly you can get involved. That means that you wash you dishes yourself, through away your garbage, make fresh coffee if there is none, clean the toilets if they are dirty, try to solve computer problems on your own, repair flat tires on bikes, keep sleeping rooms tidy, carry out the trash and help pushing cars that won’t start. By doing so you contribute to the working of the structures and the success of the actiondays against the G8!

Revolution costs…

Even if we try to keep costs as low as possible there is still stuff that needs to be paid. Nobody should have to go in dept, so it would be alright if everybody donates something at the Welcomepoint. Between one and ten euro or as you like would be totally enough. Also the kitchen needs money even though as many ingredients as possible are containered or donated. So if you enjoy the healthy food after an exhausting day of action keep in mind to donate some money for the food too.

Sink the G8 summit!

Come numerously to the eastern see an take part in massive and determined blockades. Together we will steal the show of the show of the self-appointed world leaders and tell them loud and clear that there is no place for them in our world!

Keep checking the central websites for updated information and news. Prepare well, bring also some warm clothes and keep cool if things get ticklish.


Convergence Center: cc-rostock@riseup.net
Tel.: (0049) 03814620819

Knud-Rasmussen-Str. 8
18106 Rostock/Evershagen

CC-Wiki: http://dissentnetzwerk.org/wiki/ConvergenceCenterRostock


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KNr: 7403887000
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Berliner Volksbank
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