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AfricaVox 2007: fresh perspectives on the G8

At next week’s G8 Summit in Germany , the spotlight is once again on world leaders to see if promises that were made in 2005 have been kept.

AfricaVox’s team of award-winning journalists from Ethiopia , Uganda , Mozambique and South Africa will be among the few African journalists to attend the Summit .

For nine days starting on Friday 1 June, we’ll bring you their fresh insights, sharp reporting, and pithy analysis on HIV/AIDS and healthcare, international aid, debt relief and climate change.

Our coverage will provide you with new perspectives and differing views as the events unfold. And it will allow you to hear about people in Africa directly affected by decisions made at the G8.


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The journalists
Tigist Kassa | Ethiopia
Kakaire Kirunda | Uganda
Richard M Kavuma | Uganda
Thabo Mabaso | South Africa
William Mapote | Mozambique
Zinhle Mapumulo | South Africa
Abebe Teshager | Ethiopia
Collins Vumiria | Uganda
Francisco Xerinda | Mozambique

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