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HEAD OFF TO SCHWERIN - Distract The Nazi Demonstration!

20. Mai 2007

This year´s June 2nd more than 1.000 neo-nazis, coming from all over Germany and headed by the NPD (“Nationaldemocratic Party Germany”), plan to demonstrate in Schwerin. Under the label “Social instead of Global”, the NPD wants to transport their idea of nationalistic capitalism.

While tens of thousands will demonstrate in Rostock against globalization and the G8-summit in Heiligendamm, the Nazis will try to bring their right-wing conception of capitalism and globalization on the streets, sitting close to the left-wing demonstrators, in touch with the people and well-covered by the media. Thus, the “National Resistance” uses the G8-summit as an opportunity for own protests.

The go-ahead for a right-wing campaign against globalization and capitalism was already given in Arnstadt in early 2006. Some hundred neo-nazis marched through the city carrying banners that said: “Save Future and Homeland! – Against Globalization and Capitalism” and “Confront Capitalist Normality!” The campaign, in a close association to the nazi site www.antikap.de, tried at numerous demonstrations to expose their criticism of the “finance capital” and to transport their own strange perceptions.

Although the topic was put in the center of their political work rather recently, today`s nazi conception of capitalism associates directly with the ideology of National Socialism and follows the same reactionary and dipolar world view. On the one hand, this view contains the idea of a national economy and it´s “honest, German” labor - the so-called “constituting capital”; and the “money grubbing, Jewish” capital on the other hand. For the nazis this allegedly “Jewish capital” is constituted in the sytem of interest and the financial world, for example in banks and stock exchanges in general, and in the “Wall Street” in particular. Jews are not only associated with money and superhuman power, but capitalism as a whole is projected onto them. Anti-semitic propaganda illustrates Jews with suitcases and tophats, and generalizes them as rich and devious. Posters and leaflets depict them as puppeteers with strings in hand who direct world affairs. In the sense of the nazis capitalism is Jewish and the Jews are the capitalists.

Schwerin 2. Juni

In the long run, only a “national socialist solution” can be an alternative for the nazis. If nazis really want to overcome the powerful and alledgedly “Jewish capitalism” and the “Jewish-American globalization”, they consequently have to overcome Jewry.

In these days nazis are compelled to renounce openly Anti-semitic propaganda and political agitation. One strategy how to avoid that was shown by the nazis of Berlin´s “Germania”-comradeship on several demonstrations in the past. For example, they were carrying a black banner that said in big white letters: “Against Zionist ´One-World´-Terror”. Globalization, the alleged danger for the nation, is packed into phrases. No doubt, without the threat of penal prosecution the banner would have said “Jewish One World-Terror”.

Last year´s NPD federal state election campaign was also centered around the old anticapitalist idea. The NPD pursued intensively and with the aid of right-wing provincial thugs a strategy of educational work in touch with the local people. On several flyers and numerous leaflets the nazis lamented over “national alternatives” towards “the trap of globalization”, over capitalist “bigwigs” or “American imperialism”. Anti-americanism and the simplistic logic of Good and Bad turned out to be a crowd-pleaser among the people of Mecklenburg-West Pommerania. With over 7 percent they voted the right-wing NPD into the federal state parliament.

That is why it is regarded as imperative to confront the neo-nazis and their nazi ideologie on the June 2, 2007 in Schwerin.

Against every Anti-Semitism!

Anti-nazi-demo, 10 am, Pfaffenteich-Nordufer (near main station Schwerin)



Schwerin 2. Juni