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Update: Action Day against war, torture and military

  • 5 June 2007June Rostock
  • 6 June 2007 Rostock-Laage Airport

11:00 a.m. Start at the Rostock Camp
12:00 Manifestation in front of the armaments company EADS (Rostockerstr., Warnemünde, near railway-station Warnemünde-Werft), afterwards demonstration throughout Warnemünde
2:00 p.m. Manifestation in front of Hanse-Barracks (Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.), afterwards convoy/demonstration towards
4:00 p.m. Manifestation at the stage Warnow-Ufer, live music and peJunerformancJune
On June 5th we´re going to visit locations of armaments industry and military by bicycles, cars or by walking in a mobile and moved city rally.

The G8 member states wage war, led by the US. G8-Summits are events of consultation and planning. Capitalist globalization and new imperial wars are going together, they destroy conditions of life and push the decline of societies. Germany too is involved in ten military interventions worldwide.

The “war against terror” is a dirty war. People get kidnapped, abducted, tortured. This is no exception from the rule but the rule! The state of emergency becomes normality. Militarization starts in your everyday life.

We want to express our protest against militaristic policy in a determined, diverse and imaginative way!
Come with bicycles, cars, on foot, bring equipment to make noise and signals, bring lots of ideas with you!

There are five large aeronautic and space technology companies located in Rostock like for example EADS, RST, Luratec, Aerotec. The City of Rostock is interested in the establishing of further armaments companies. With his modern naval base “Hohe Düne”, Rostock is a center of command of the german navy in particular. In 2006 speedboats sailed from Rostock to the lebanese coast, warships are deployed in the operation “Enduring Freedom”. By 2008 five most innovative corvettes will be stationed in Rostock, they are an important factor for the capability of the german navy to intervene.

Rostock-Laage Airport, where the fighter squadron 73 “Steinhoff” is located, is part of the militaristic policy of NATO and shall become an important military base. Eurofighters are stationed and german pilots are getting trained here.

This day, there will be activities, information and speeches about these and other issues, like for instance:

  • Garrison Rostock and armaments industry, as an example EADS
  • Against an Europe of the military (Tobias Pflüger, member of the EP, greek social forum)
  • Fight against military bases (Italy, Bombodrom)
  • G8 Summit 2008 and the japanese militarism (T. Kawata, Japan Peace Committee)
  • Participation in war of the german navy
  • The german army as a mean of job creation
  • War and rage in Empire (fantomas)
  • Against torture and global deprivation of rights (Libertad!)
  • 40 Years of occupation and resistance in Israel and Palestine