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Ticker ASEM-Demo Hamburg 28.05.07

Today is the day of the international demonstration against the ASEM summit in Hamburg. After a wide international Mobilisation and Court Appeals against the route and the organisers the demonstration starts fom Millerntorplatz , moves on along Reeperbahn, St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Hafenstraße, Baumwall to the Rödingsmarkt. The police protects the city centre with massive presence, media reports that appr. 4000-5000 police are in Hamburg today.

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23:08 Some people got into police-controls on their way home in Sternschanze.

21:50 A public bus was seen at the gas-station Max Brauer Allee. There were at least 20 arrested people in it and lots of cops around.

21:26 86 arrested people are confirmed for this day.

21:25 Uhr An arrested woman was brought to hospital. She had been punched in the stomach.

20:40 Uhr Two more arrested at Neuer Pferdemarkt.

20:38 Uhr Two more arrested people confirmed at Neuer Pferdemarkt.

20:30 situation escalates again in Sternschanze. At the end of Schulterblatt towards Neuer Pferdemarkt bottles were thrown, the police sent more troops and they force the activists to go to the Schulterblatt.

20:25 2 people get arrested at station Dammtor on their way to their train, who were walking in a group of 25 people.

20:08 medics report a wounded person (cutted) at Schanzenstraße.

20:05 Schulterblatt, the street in front of the convergence-center, is free of police

19:49 FSK-radio says that there is a small group at pferdemarkt surrounded by the police, but the people still can leave.

19:30 30 arrested are known yet.

19:29 situation at S-Sternschanze had gone out of control. A group of 100 people is moving towards “Neuer Kamp” (Feldstraße). The situation at Schanzenburg hasnt calmed down very much, because now the police is throwing water into the backyards.

19:15 the police has left the Schanzenburg, but is now hunting people down the Susannenstraße with 2 watercannons and riot-police.

19:13 bottles were thrown out of the Susannenstraße.

19:11 200 people next to S-Bahn Sternschanze are surrounded, three watercannons in front, the police had made their 3rd awarning to move away and end the demonstration but the people are surrounded.

19:07 in the florapark behind the convergence-center there are still some special riot police.

19:00 Uhr The police has surrounded a group of protestors in the backyards of a house called Schanzenburg. Police closed Stresemannstraße from Neuer Pferdemarkt to Holstenstraße. The frontdoor of the convergence-center is opened again, there is no more police right next to the Convergence Center.

18:55 In Lippmannstraße reports of several arrests. Police stops and checks identity of people around Rote Flora.

18:46 a car with deligates was stopped by appr. eight activists in city centre (Bergstr/Mönckebergstr). One person got arrested for making photografs of the police. city centre is quiet now, situation around Rote Flora is still not relaxed.
18:00 police uses water cannons at the Rote Flora

17:54 In front of the Flora people are moving fences on the street, a fire is burning.

17:53 The Rote Flora (Convergence Centre) closes its doors because of the massiv police presence in the area

17:47 Ca. 300-400 cops at Neuer Pferdemarkt with water cannons & tanks

17:40 Another arrest near station Reeperbahn. Infront of the Rote Flora 200 people gather.

17:37 11 police cars at Pferdemarkt, cops walk towards Rote Flora.

17:18 Most people move towards Karolinenviertel.

17:15 Fsk: the demonstration is scattered between St.Pauli und Sternschanze, the police as well, which moved more forces into the area because of the confusing situation.

17:06 between Ludwig-Erhardt-Straße and Millerntor a new demonstartion is formed, cars are demaged, traffic signs destroyed. one policeman drew a gun. people are on the way to Sternschanze.

16:48 FSK reports that most of the people are moving towards Millerntorplatz now. Some incidents between police and smaller groups were reported from Ludwig-Erhardt-Straße. In direction harbour people are able to move freely.

16:43 The demonstration is partly penned and it is hard to leave.

16:34 The police provocates and tries to force people to leave the demonstration into a specific direction which is not possible (because of police lines)

16:20 the organisers of the demo declared the end of it because of constant poliuce provocation. there was another smoke bomb and radio FSK reports that the demo is penned.

16:02 demonstration is at Rödingsmarkt

15:35 police briefly penned some people at the end of the demonstration. nobody arrested.

15:30 Uhr the demonstration is split up into two parts. the front part is at the Baumwall allready while the other is at the Cap San Diego (a ship in Hamburg harbour).

15:05 the demonstration moves on towards Rödingsmarkt.

14:45 The demonstration arrives at Landungsbrücken (St.Pauli) and makes an interim stop for speaches.

14:19 after a smoke bomb was thrown the demonstration is still in front of the squatted Hafenstrasse-buildings. seperate sources speak of 6000 people.

14:13 the demonstration is in the Hafenstraße. Police walks in front and at the sides of it in 3-4 rows.

14:02 one arrest is reported.

13.53 police stops the demo again. radio reporter reports that some riot cops who followed the demo hit demonstrators.

13:35 demonstration stops around Talstrasse. Police has water cannons placed at the end of Reeperbahn.

13:10: the demonstration is about to start.

13:05: so far around 4.000 protesters at the demonstration.

12:55: demonstration hasn’t started yet, mood is good, colorful protesters, speeches are being held.

12:24: solicitors confirm that the people who got banned from the city centre after yesterday’s Reclaim The Street Party can join the demonstration.