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Anti-G8-Rave in front of German parliament

Last Sunday about 100 activists had a spontaneous rave in front of the German Parliament, the Reichstag. They protested against the G8-summit and the repression. Demonstrations near the parliament are forbidden in Germany.
The spontanous rave was organised by the “Hedonist International”, a network of nightlife and subculture activists. Goals of the Hedonists are not only joy and pleasure, but freedom, free spaces, etc. The Hedonist International had several actions in the last weeks, among them a blockade of the German ministery of defense, illegal raves in public spaces…

The Hedonists will bring techno and rave to the G8-protests: there will be a Hedonist Barrio in the camp in Rostock, trucks with electronic music on the demonstration 2nd of June, a “Rave against the machine” on 3rd of June and blockades and further actions (watch out for these actions in Heiligendamm). The Hedonist International, which is not an organisation but an idea, invites to join the activities at the summit (if you want to do workshops, etc. – go to the Hedonist barrio and start). You can also found a own section and start your action – anywhere.

More Information about the Hedonist International and G8:
Website: http://hedonist-international.org/?q=en/
Manifesto: http://hedonist-international.org/?q=en/manifest
Videos: http://www.myspace.com/hedonistinternational