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About the International Press Group

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Nobody obviously can represent all the groups being involved in the
protests, this is already decided upon and agreed upon for over a year
within Dissent! Germany. Still there might be many groups that want to
make reports about their actions and motivations. And still there is a
necessity to create channels to present our own viewppoints. What we
would like to offer then is a supportive structure for groups that want
to create international media attention.


In Germany there already exists such a group that works based on the
ideas of transparancy and participation. They have taken care for media
contacts and circulated press releases of different groups organized
within Dissent! or the Interventionist Left. They function as contact
for interview requests and also built up a pool of groups and people
that are interested in giving an interview. Occasionaly they issued an
own press release as press group “Campinski”, but the main focus has
been on supporting groups with drafting and spreading their own ones.
Below of this message youi can find a self-description of the Campinski press group and a link to the useful experiences of the Counter Spin Collective, a media group active during the G8 summit in Scotland.

The idea is to do international press work along similar lines and
cooperate with the Campinski group where possible. Since they will issue
a lot of press releases in German, a main focus will be to translate
those into English to offer resources of information for internationals.
The material can be used by others to make presswork in whatever
country. There will be a wiki website that will help us to coordinate the translation of press releases.

Another task we would like to take on is to create a pool of people willing to give interviews (print media, radio, television) in each language. If you will be in Germany and you are willing to give interviews in any other language than German, please write us and leave your contact details:

Also, it would be great if people can send us lists with press contacts from their countries so that we can start to build up a comprehensive list for sending press releases from our email account!

If you are just interested in receiving our English press releases, please contact us as well at the following email:

It would be great to get at least some people from each country involved
in this project!