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Timetable Workshops in CC Hamburg


For workshop-announces during the Convergence Centers please send a mail to workshops-cch[AT]riseup.net

During the hole time of the CCH there will be a Creative space and the Legal Team(judicial assistance) in the CCH

on the 24 may there will be a workshop in the evening about “Up to date information from Rostock and the camps”.

Friday, 25. May

  • Against the Panopticon, Strategies for Resisting Computer Surveillance (unclear)
  • Critical Mass – Starts 16.30
  • Multi media poetical lecture for the arising of Kosmo-Politikal Consciousness
  • Plenary meeting start of the Convergence Center Hamburg

Saturday, 26. May

  • Demonstration in Berlin and Hamburg against the G8 education policy 15.00 University Campus
  • 15.00 walk around the quarter “Schanze” (in front of convergence center)
  • Against the Panopticon, Strategies for Resisting Computer Surveillance
  • Rebel Clown Army Workshop
  • EU Demo and judicial assistance (Antirepressionsgroup)
  • Training of Blockade
  • Re-igniting an Anarchist Network between North America and Europe
  • Savingiceland (info/mobilisation)
  • 21.00 – … : Art Café

Sunday, 27. May

  • International student crosslinking
  • Training of Blockade
  • Talking About Total Freedom (possible)
  • Climate Action Workshop
  • Collectivity Through Insurrection (possible)
  • tinker against fortress Europe 16.00

Monday, 28. May

  • Demo against EU plus Asien summit (12h Reeperbahn)
  • Savingiceland (info/mobilisation)
  • 21.00 – … : Art Café

Tuesday, 29. May

  • Lecture on “Intellectual Property”
  • Info update from the region
  • Introduction into the Concept of mass blockades
  • lecture on institutional rassism in the BRD
  • Info workshop about Block G8/ Avanti
  • Out of action, emotional first aid
  • “steal this film”/G8, Geistige Eigentumsrechte und die Wissensallmende. – Wem gehört das Wissen der Welt?
  • 21.00 – … : Art Café

Wednesday, 30. May

  • mornings manifestation in front of deportation camp “Horst”
  • Beat Capitalism/ manifestation with Bands and Spoken Words. / 15.00 City Hall: locale nationalism / 17.00 Landungsbrücken: migration and world trade / 19 h Sternschanze: repression and restructering
  • from 16.00 on No-Lager Culture festival Stübenplatz in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
  • Campain against biopiracy
  • judicial assistance workshop of “Rote Hilfe” * “Der Lagerkomplex”- movie(with subtitles)/information for the subject migration

Thursday, 31. May

  • For global freedom of movement and equal rights for all! ~Pour la liberté de mouvement universelle et les mêmes droits pour tous! * Streetart Workshop 16.00
  • Blockade-Training for Block G8/ Avanti
  • Savingiceland (info/mobilisation)

Friday, 1. June

  • Wasserturmhotel-Opening in the Schanzenpark
  • Info update from the region
    journey to Rostock/Schwerin/Heiligendamm

Saturday, 9. June

Sunday, 10. June

  • Antisexist soccer tournament
  • pga meeting (continuation from the winter meeting)