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Call for worldwide public screenings of current video reports about the protests against the G8 summit 2007

We are a network of video activists from Germany. Together with video groups from other countries we will offer daily several video reports and a live-show to download from the new internet-platform http://g8-tv.org in the context of the protests against the G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm starting in the beginning of June.

Our main goal is not to show sensational riot- clips but to offer a platform to publicize criticizm against the politics of the G8- states. Our aim is to grant uncensored reports in solidarity with the protest movements. You can look at our concept at http://www.videoactivism.de/g8_en.html

Between May 31 and June 10 we plan at least three daily video-reports of approximately 5 minutes length each and between June 2 and 8 daily after 9 pm 30 minutes life-show in the format OggTheora (www.theora.org). This moderated live talk- and news show will be presented in German and English and include current video clips and interviews with activists.

We are looking for groups and initiatives worldwide who will organize public screenings in public places, cinemas and open tv-channels to show our productions. A high-quality version ready to screen of the live-show will be online daily after 10 pm (Central European Time). In addition we want to offer many of our daily video reports to download in high quality with subtitles in many different languages.

In order to download reports within a reasonable time a broadband internet-connection like DSL will be needed. The ogg-format can be played with the free software VLC (www.videolan.org) or with a quicktime-plugin (http://xiph.org/quicktime/).

We will appreciate your interest in a non-commercial cooperation. Please let us know when and where you plan public screenings so that we can promote them.

With greetings,

Network Videoactivism