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news about the last dissent meeting in berlin


some news about the dissent meeting held at the weekend 5th/6th of may in berlin:

plan A will be as before with one exception:

  • 1. there is one important change because the delegates and presidents will arrive on wednesday (6th of june) and not as expected on tuesday (5th of june), so that means the blockade of Rostock laage (military airport, where the delegates will arrive) will move from tuesday to wednesday, on tuesday there still will be the global action day of antimilitaristism around Rostock as well as other planned actions.
  • 2. other blocks which are planning big and mass blockades (like block G8): we dont know yet if they will decide to call for mass blockades around heiligendamm on wednesday(6th of june)
  • 3. at the meeting was consensus that decentral blockades should start before wednesday, as there will already be alot of delegates and people for summit-infrastructure around. For the day of antimilitaristism there must be actions planned too, and also after blocking the airport laage… it will go on with decentral blockades…
  • 4. the camps- there was no favourised camp to go , but one idea was first to be around rostock (cos most of the actions are taking place there in the first days) and then maybe wednesday to move towards heiligendamm to the camp in reddelich in the countryside….
  • 5. Demonstrations – 2nd of june
    at the meeting people agreed we will still mobilize for both demonstrations, for the big demonstration in rostock and also against the nazi-demonstration in schwerin that same day.

here a short preview of plan a:

friday 1. of june:
squatting the bombodrom, ex bombing range which the nato wants to reactivate/
meeting point of bicycle caravans coming from eastern europe, westerneurope,
berlin, etc.

saturday 2. of june:
big demonstration in rostock + anti nazi demonstration in schwerin

sunday 3. of june:
global action day of agriculture in rostock / international networking meeting
of migrants in rostock rally with stops on supermarkets, laboratories for
genetical modified animals and crops on bikes, skaters, cars – east of Rostock

monday 4. of june:
global action day of migrants: freedom of movement is everybodys right.
morning:blockade of the Immigration office in Rostock near City Harbour
6pm:demonstration in rostock

tuesday 5. of june:
decentral blockades and antimilitaristic action in Rostock

wednesday 6. of june:
blockade of rostock laage airport (blockg8 might organise big mass blockades
around heiligendamm

thursday 7.of june:
starmarch to the fence, decentral blockades or plan b

friday 8. of june:
decentral blockades of departure and action day on climate change or plan b

aftermeeting end of july in france