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Call of La Via Campesina, 11th of May 2007

via campesina

G8 feeds the corporations,
Join us in Rostock to feed alternatives!

The heads of state and government of the world’s eight wealthiest and most powerful countries will meet from June 6-8 in Heiligendamm on the Baltic Sea in Northeastern Germany. These eight governments decide and implement neo-liberal policies that increase the number of hungry people in the world, that bring war in most of the regions, that deepen the environmental crisis and that create social unrest worldwide. Small-scale farmers, peasant and landless workers worldwide are among the first victims of these policies.
The trade liberalization and privatisation policies they impose steal our resources and our knowledges and make it increasingly difficult for us to make a living from agriculture. Their environmental irresponsibility destroys the biodiversity and the natural wealth we depend on for our livelihoods. Among the 854 millions of hungry people in the world, three-quarters are rural people. The millions of migrants who are denied their basic rights and of unemployed urban poor living in shanty towns are our brothers and sisters who have been chased away from their land.
We believe that the current agricultural crisis, that goes along with a huge environmental, social and cultural crisis, is not a fatality. Food sovereignty, agrarian reform, re-localization of the food production and sustainable peasant-based agriculture are genuine alternatives to the neo-liberal impasse.

We will come to Rostock to demand the right for the new generation to become farmers!
We will come to Rostock to say that farmers worldwide, not transnational companies, are able to feed the world!
We will come to Rostock to demand Food sovereignty and Agrarian reform now!

We call farmers in Europe and worldwide, young people and all citizens, to join the mobilisations in Rostock to protest against the G8 and call for alternatives.

June 2: International protest rally
June 3: Action day on agriculture

  • 10:00 Demonstration against GMOs, supermarkets and corporate-controlled agriculture
  • 18:30 Youth Assembly for the Right to land and to farming, Mau Club, Rostock
    June 5-7: Alternative Summit
    June 6: Blockades

End Corporate control over our food!
Access to land and agriculture for the Youth !

For more information: Morgan Ody, +32 22 17 31 12; morganody@yahoo.fr


via campesina