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Camping 07: WELCOME

Camping 07

In the beginning of June 2007, the governments of the seven most important industrial countries and of Russia will meet for the “G-8 Summit” in the Baltic sea resort of Heiligendamm.
The “Group of the 8” (G-8) is an institution without legitimacy. Nonetheless, as the self-named informal world government, it takes decisions that affect the whole of humanity. The policy of the G-8 stands for neoliberal globalisation, privatisation and deregulation. The world marked by the dominance of the G-8 is a world of wars, of hunger, of social division, of environmental destruction and of walls against migrants and refugees. Against that, we shall demonstrate in many ways, by rallies, blockades and an alternative summit, in a creative and diverse way and show up the alternatives. Together with millions of people in the whole world, we say: Another world is possible!
For this reason, starting at the end of May, 10000s of people will travel into the region around Rostock and Heiligendamm. We expect these people to be welcomed in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the same way as the G-8 delegates. Therefore, it is required to create the necessary infrastructure (water, electricity, sanitary installations) in order to offer us the possibility to participate in a well-rested state in the events and actions. We shall manage this, as is customary at meetings like that, by the organisation of camping sites. We want these sites to be under the eyes of the powerful so as to confront them with our alternatives before the eyes of the entire world public. The place and the infrastructure of the camps are chosen in such a way as to carry out our protest under the eyes of the rulers and to make our positions clear beyond the immediate action of the protests.
The camp will be a protected space for children, migrants (women and men) and all those, who together with us will give a face to these days. Everyone (he or she) by their responsible action contributes to shaping this protected space and to guaranteeing the security of all participants.
We want to realise this together and in mutual respect. Because the alternative to war, hunger and environmental destruction does not emerge at exclusive and secluded summit meetings behind fences, but from below, out of the global movement of people and initiatives who are committed to another better world.

Rostock, March 31, 2007



Camping 07