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Invitation to the international preparation meeting on the 13th of April in Rostock

start: 10.00 am

arrival : on Thursday the 12th is possible and wished for.

Dear comrades, companer@s...

The countdown is ticking, in 2 months the summit will finally start.

Therefore we invite you to the international meeting in Rostock at the 13th of april, which we decided at the warsawa meeting. Another chance for the last preparations, for the last updates, agreements and to coordinate the working-groups and to plan the arrival, border-crossing and infrastructure. Because it will be propably the last meeting before summit, the emphasis will be on what we will do concretely in Heiligendamm and how we manage to communicate and make decisions between us.

Fight Fortress Europe

Possible topics:

Bombodrom at the 1th of June
Big demonstration in Rostock/ demonstration of the facists in Schwerin at the 2 of June
Agriculture action's day at the 3. of June
Migration action's day at the 4 of June
Blockade of Rostock Laage at the 5 of June (Arrival day of the delegates)
Blockades at the 6 of June (Massblockade and decentralised Blockades)
Blockades and Demonstrations to the fence at the 7 of June
Open Concept for Friday the 8 of June
Camp (own structures inside the camps, meetings and decisionmaking)
Translation and accompanying of Internationals
Convergence Centres Hamburg, Berlin, Rostock
Next international meeting after the summit

One of the most important discussions themes will be: Rostock Laage, decentralised blockades, communication and decision-structures between internationals and as well with the other autonomous, anarchist, left-radical groups.

Also we will discuss plan B: what will we do when we can't do any actions in Heiligendamm because we are blocked by cops or what to do when there is nothing to be blocked. Plan B means to move to another place to attack capitalism and economy elsewhere. For the decentralised blockades and plan B we need good communicationsystems between us.

At the meeting in Warsawa we discussed the possibility to be present at the Rostock 3 Actions-conference and make our international dissent+ X positions visible. At this conference will be present all different groups who are active in the protests against the G8. This conference takes place in the same week-end.from the 13th-15th of april. As well there is a chance to look at the area of the actions...

Maybe as attraction: at the 15 of April a demonstration to the fence in Heiligendamm at 12 o'clock will take place!

please communicate any other suggestion we should discuss or meet about !!!!!!!!

hope to see you at the meeting and please tell us how many people are coming from you here to plan infrastructure and food: cc-rostock@riseup.net
please bring mates and sleepingback with you...

Place: Ehm-Welk-School *, Knud-Rasmussenstrasse 8, 18106 Rostock / Evershagen
>From the central station: take tram 5 direction `Mecklenburger Allee'. Get out at the station: Thomas Morus Strasse. Or take tram 4 direction 'Rügener Strasse'. Get out at Thomas Morus Strasse. When you get out you will see the the school because its already decorated. The ride takes around 30 minutes.

*this school where the meeting will be held is actually a school which is empty in the moment and which is given to the anti g8 protest, some people moved already into the school to prepare the convergence-center and also with the attempt to invite local people to create their own social center in the school, you all are invited to spend along time before or after the summit in there and also to prepare the convergence-center and the infopoints for the hot phases there, we need all help for that. lets rock it internationally!!!!!!

revolutionary greetings

[prep group]


Fight Fortress Europe