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Dear friends, dear anti-G8 and camp activists,

Since fall 2006, a group from a quite heterogeneous spectrum has been organising a camp at possibly several locations in the region of Rostock. This camp is supposed to accommodate thousands of people and serve to all of us as basis for the demonstrations, actions, the alternative summit and the cultural events against the impositions by the G-8 from the end of May to mid-June.

At the moment, the work is being done with the most minimal financial as well as personal equipment – only the fewest are already in a position right now to lead the negotiations for camp space and to drive ahead the preparations on the premises. Therefore, we want to place the work around the camp in Heiligendamm on a broader basis.

We shall therefore be happy if – by way of your signature – you express the common wish to support such a camp beyond the dividing lines between us.

Our demand to you all:
Please forward this appeal to other initiatives, groups and to friends and acquaintances. Please let us know at the latest until the beginning of April who would like to sign: andi@so36.net.

Since the camp is still on very shaky feet financially, an additional request:

If at all possible, please link your signature with a donation to the camp organisation. This is not a must; however, it will represent an important support of the construction work.

Account number/IBAN:
Bank address/BIC:

As a guideline for your support, we suggest the following gradation:

- large organisations 200 Euro
- middle-size organisations 100 Euro
- local initiatives 50 Euro
- individuals 10 Euro

Please send your signature and of course questions to: andi@so36.net

In the hope to be hearing from you soon, your work group Camping 07

G-8 summit in Heiligendamm: Support for camping accommodation right under the eyes of the power elites

Another world is possible!

In the beginning of June 2007, the governments of the seven most important industrial countries and Russia meet for the “G-8 Summit” in the Baltic resort village of Heiligendamm. The “Group of the 8” (G-8) is an institution without any legitimacy. Nonetheless, as the self-nominated informal world government, it takes decisions concerning the whole of humanity. The politics of the G-8 stands for neoliberal globalisation and de-regulation. The world stamped by the policies of the G-8 is a world of wars, of hunger, of social divisions, environmental destruction and walls against migrants and refugees. Against this kind of politics, we shall demonstrate by way of blockades and an alternative summit in a creative and diverse way and show up alternatives. Together with millions of people, the whole world over, we say: Another world is possible! For this reason, at the end of May, tens of thousands of people will travel into the region around Rostock and Heiligendamm. We demand that these people be welcomed just as cordially in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania as the G-8 delegates. To that end, infrastructure (water, electricity, sanitary equipment) must be created in order to offer the opportunity to be able to participate in the activities in good shape. This will be guaranteed, as is the case at all meetings of this kind, by the organisation of camp sites. We would wish these sites to be in the range of view of the powerful in order to be able to confront them with our alternatives before the eyes of the world public. The location and the infrastructure of the camps are designed to carry out our protest in the view of the rulers and to make our positions clear beyond the immediate protest actions. The camps shall be a protected space for children, migrants and all those, who shall give a face to these days together with us. Everyone contributes by his/her responsible action to shaping this protected space and to guaranteeing the security of all participants. We want to realise this together and in mutual respect. Because the peaceful alternatives to war, hunger and environmental destruction do not emerge at exclusive and cut-off summit meetings behind fences, but from below on the basis of the global movement of people and initiatives who commit for another, better world free of violence.

Rostock, in March 2007