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R.A.F.: Resistance Art Festival

Hello Artivists from all over the world!

Press said that the RAF might come back for G8, it's true!! It's the Resistance Art Festival :P

We plan to organize an artistic Temporary Autonomous Zone near Heiligendamm during the G8 summit in June from the 2nd (evening) till the end of the blockades. We are several tekno sound systems and demonstration organizers from all over Europe and we'll bring our gigs to Heiligendamm (Free4, Fuck Parade, Ketwork32, LaHP, Systematek,...), we are all used to create Free Autonomous Spaces...


Our aim are to offer people a place to rest and to find a new energy to go back to the barricades and to mobilize all the people that wouldn't come without this event (don't laugh it's true, a lot of people would come if they can find also a festival there, it's a reason more to come for them). Our message is in our art (music, video, juggling, painting,...) and we do intend to make noise to be heard! We want people coming back from the barricades to be able to find a place to free their minds and moods from all aggressiveness and to motivate them back with our art...

Moreover the 8 bastards will speak about the copyrights and the distribution networks of art (DRMs, licenses, peer2peer, copy protections,...) so we cannot let them do without showing that Free Art is a reality, that we can do autonomous spaces for free and offering even more than "just" art to the people, and that we refuse their standardization of art and their capitalist way of seeing art in general.. Our art is not to sell!!

We have our own hardware (speakers, amplifiers, trucks, videoprojectors,...) so any artist can come and we'll be glad to accept any collaboration offered...
We are also in contacts with alternative artists from other scenes (rock, rap,...) and trying to arrange concerts too...

We asked for a place but still did not get any answers but even if they don't give us a place we'll take it, we are all used to that and ready to defend our camp... But honestly we don't think they will give a fuck about people dancing when they will have thousands of people trying to break their fucking fence at the same time ;)
We have organized an illegal Teknival with 5000 people in Germany (Baden-Baden) last year (and several ones all over Europe), just after the demonstration we organized on the 15th April 2006 in Strasbourg in front of the European Parliament, and some of our group also organized numerous illegal protests in Berlin (and legal ones too), so we are quite aware of how it goes there in Germany...

If anyone is interested in working with us in this project (the fact that you got hardware or not is not a problem) please contact us:

benlagren@gmail.com (french and english)
liaphine@gmail.com (german and english)

Our site will be online next week: www.free4alter.org