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February 12th 2007: Heiligendamm

- Newsletter "shake g8 bikeride"

- UndoingCapitalism.

- Trade Unions on to the global arena!

- Concept of a Videoactivist network for mediawork around the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm

- Global Invitation to: movinG8-RadioForum

- G8X Queer Resistance 2007 Germany

Newsletter "shake g8 bikeride"

In your hands you hold the first newsletter of "shake g8 bikeride". It`s the attempt to keep you up to date of the preperation process. A lot is happening decentral and self- organised and having a summary isn't that easy.


At the moment there is happening an eastern-europe infotour, which will cover our route as well. It will be used to mobilise for the caravan and also to contact and find possible stages on the way.

If you want to contact them, want to have an informational event in your city, want to host the caravan, want to join it or just want to inform yourself, you can write to

The route:

The caravan will start from Budapest. From 1.-5. april we want to get to know each other there and find time to think about our structure, how to find decisions, how to deal with media... From there we`ll head to Györ (8. April), later to Bratislava (10. April), than north to Brno (14. April), further to Wroclav (28. April) and Poznan (5. May). In Schwedt (16th. May) we want to enter fortress Germoney. We are expecting difficulties there and need support and publicity for it. After having danced down the borders we are guest in the community "karlshof" which are trying the concept of noncommercial agriculture. From there we`ll join the other caravans in Wittstock, and together with them participate in the go-in of the planned bomb-training area "bombodrom". ( up to 1. June). United with all the others we`ll form an unstoppable wave which will flood the G8...

"dancing down the borders" in Schwedt on 16.5.

We decided to cross the polish-german border in a no-border-action. The german police will try to keep as much people as possible away from the protest and a lot of activists will have problems in entering Germoney. We want to focus publicity on the fact that even the "schengen-agreement" will be interrupted and borders in general are a constructed shit and should be abandoned. There`ll be a mobilisation also from the german side and the press will be invited. The date will be part of the anti-G8 choreography. This is a call to everyone to particpate and to think about ways of de-masking the border-regimes of the world.

Already organised stuff:

This is a rough summary of usable material, which has already been organised. A tractor with a waggon will accompany us during our way. It will carry cooking material, tools, costumes, first aid kids for bikes and humans, as well as spare tires, maybe a laptop and space for more. Though the tractor has an insurance and a good condition, we should be prepared of having to leave it behind and having enough capacities on our bikes. We'll have a fancy homepage from the end of february on and the wiki, which we use for everything at the moment, will be just a working-platform than. The adress is At the moment it's sending yourself directly to the wiki.

Next dates:

On the 23rd of february there will be a wonderfull benefit party in the "drugstore" in berlin under the topic "tanks to spaceships" with djs and maybe some bands. From the 24th-25th of february will be the next preperational meeting in berlin. It will take place in the "OUBs", the "Open University of Berlin". Starting time and how to get there will be posted at the wiki.

Contact and infos:

the webpage, where you`ll find all infos and topics for the next meeting will be collected is reachable under: It's a page we share with the "gr8chaoskaravaan", a caravan which starts in brussels and which also heads to the G8.

You can contact the mailing-list to get in touch!


Skills for Change

- Kapitalismus? Nein danke! - Antikapitalismus für alle - G8: Gebt Acht! - Popular Education - Training for Change - Direct Education - Eine andere Welt ist möglich - sexraceclass - Für eine Welt, in die viele Welten passen - Caminamos preguntando -

Four workshops from 27th of April - 6th Mai 2007
- or if you want to: A ten-day workshop consisting of four sessions

in Schloss Trebnitz (northeast of Berlin)

What is the basic idea of these workshops?

It is not analysis of neoliberal globalisation which is missing, but rather forms to transmit and exchange knowledge. And surely more ways to inspire people to action! Political education from below, in the sense of Popular Education, is underdeveloped within the globalisation movement - and yet it´s not only way more fun than reading texts but it also reaches and inspires more people.

In these four workshops you can experience and learn
- about capitalism and anti-capitalism using popular education methods
– tools and approaches for training social activists to increase the impact on vital progressive movements
– how to use all this for yourself and for ´teaching´ others, but also to bring skills and awareness into a non-hierarchical organizing process - to increase the democracy in our social movements.

Rosa Luxemburg-Foundation in cooperation with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Training for Change.

Who will be doing the training?

Training for Change is a US-based group that spreads the skills of democratic, nonviolent social change, with experience in countries of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. Its concept of direct education goes beyond the transmission of knowledge to focus on transformation: both for workshop participants and for their ability to act within society. It is based on the concept of popular education, which has its roots in social movements and was first set out systematically by Paulo Freire. Beginning with the lived reality of participants, visuals and group dynamics are drawn upon heavily, rather than working from texts. The objective is to be as inclusive as possible and, furthermore, to draw upon the knowledge and abilities of all those involved.
Daniel Hunter is former Program Director for TfC who has facilitated workshops in Africa, East Asia, India and Europe.
Erika Thorne is a Training Associate with TfC who has focused on building effective coalitions, adressing racism, and daring to dream.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) has been involved in the global resistance movement as part of the network Peoples Global Action since its very beginning. Besides, they´re an extraordinary example of doing education in a different way: CUPW members join four weeks of training on capitalism, sexism and racism. For many participants this is changing their range of activism thoroughly: When in 2002 the G8, after the events in Genua the year before, hid in the Canadian mountains, Kananaskis, activists of the CUPW were the only ones crossing one checkpoint after the other - ´delivering their mail to the G8 and, finally, blockading the street.
Dave Bleakney is the CUPW´s National Union Representative for education (Anglophone), he has held over a hundred workshops involving thousands of workers.

What is each workshop about?

Anticapitalism for all
Fri., 27th April, 18.00 h - Sun., 29th April, 15.00 h

First we want to explore what anticapitalism means in our and other peoples lifes - beyond dry analysis of capitalism but not without understanding. Join us if you want to find out more about the issue, and/ or if you´re thinking about spreading this to others. The session will be directed towards addressing the interests of those who simply come as participants, as well as those of people interested in the further transmission of this knowledge as 'multipliers'.

Training for Social Action Trainers
Sun., 29th April, 18.00 h - Tue., 1st May, 15.00 h

Building on this, the second session will provide an opportunity to depart from the role of participant and with guidance jump into training, using the workshop as a learning laboratory. This is an intensive training designed for activists wanting to inspire people, as well as experienced facilitators wanting to take their skills to a new level and learn how training can be used more effectively.


* Receive personal guidance from experienced trainers
* Take risks and try new approaches in a safe and supportive environment
* Increase your training options, refine your skills, and learn from each other


Advanced Training of Trainers
Tue., 1st May, 18.00 h - Fri., 4th May, 15.00 h

Deepen and broaden your facilitation skills in an advanced workshop open only to those having attended the Training for Social Action Trainers, or have experience. Together we'll tackle some of training's biggest challenges - including doing cross-cultural work, handling conflict and strong emotions, modifying workshop designs on the fly. And we will experiment with new solutions.
In this three-day workshop, developing the ability to work with groups and organizations will continue. The AdToT is not only of interest to ´teachers´. On the contrary, the more activists and concerned people are able to develop these skills, the more democratic and effective our social change work will be.


* Receive in-depth, personal coaching on your goals
* Prepare for cross-cultural work, including international training
* Learn about more training tools and how to use them effectively
* Use more practice time to experiment with new approaches in a supportive setting


Class Matters
Fri., 4th May, 18.00 h - Sun., 6th May, 15.00 h

The housing activists were stumped - they couldn't get people from the local housing project to come to their meetings."Nobody there cares enough to do anything!" they said.

These were experienced activists. But like a lot of organizers, they didn't have an awareness of the power of economic and social class. As a result, they experienced frustration with other groups and their organizing was less than effective.

Social class influences our lives subtly yet powerfully. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how we treat each other. It influences how much money we get in our lifetimes -- and how long our lives will be. It's also influencing our activism, probably more than we realize.

Like racism, class prejudice gets in the way of effective coalition-building. Like sexism and homophobia, it can deprive our activist groups of the contributions of all. Unlike those forces, classism is rarely brought out in the open. That makes it even more powerful!

Class is everywhere. But from an early age, most of us were trained not to see it. We were taught that our modern society is "classless," or that we're all middle class. That training can make the effects of class hard to spot at first.

Learn about class dynamics in groups and social movements.
Strengthen your activism for a deeper level of social change.

What we would like to add:

These workshops are part of the mobilisation for the protests against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm/ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in June 2007. But at the same time they aim toward a movement beyond this event - a movement for another world, and for a life that we like.

Organizational stuff

4 workshops in 1 - what does it mean?

You can take all four workshops for an intense, extensive training experience. It´s a rare opportunity, and we recommend it! You can also attend just one, two or three, according to your time and special interests.

And if my English is not sufficient?
Noch ein Hinweis auf deutsch und in anderen Sprachen:

deutsch: Diese Workshops werden auf Englisch stattfinden. Doch wollen wir mit Flüsterübersetzung durch Freiwillige arbeiten: für Deutsch, und wenn möglich für jede andere benötigte Sprache (in diesem Fall meldet Euch bitte vorher!).
Es braucht also niemand Englisch beherrschen, aber alle benötigen eine Offenheit dafür, dass nicht alle dieselbe Sprache sprechen. Genau wie im richtigen Leben!

Castellano: Estos talleres serán en Inglés. En caso de que necesites una traducci?n al castallano o otro idioma por personas voluntarias durante el seminario: contáctanos antes por favor!

Français: La langue sera anglaise. Si tu as besoin de Française ou d´autre langue par une personne volontaire pendant le workshop, prend contact avec nous à l'avance s´il te plaît.

English: If you need any other language than English: Please get in contact with us in time!
So no-one needs to be perfect in English, but we all need an appreciation of the fact that not everyone speaks the same language. Just like everywhere else!

What will it cost you?

Before we tell, be beware:

- We will account your travel costs with the fee.
- The money is used for helping those from far away (including from other countries) with their travel costs, to allow to participate; the workshops themselves are fully subsidised.
- We don´t want you to stay off for money reasons. Instead: Sign in, pay in advance (also as a kind of protective charge in order to ensure that free spaces will not be wasted just because some people didn´t mean it seriously when they signed in), and we´ll deal with it when you´re on the seminar. Promissed.

* For the exact prices, see the Registration Form.

Registration Form

In case you register by e-mail, please give all information asked for in the registration form below, and send it to:

I register bidingly for

* all the workshops: 27th April - 6th May (100 €)
* the first workshop Anticapitalism for Everyone: 27th-29th April (20 €)
* the second workshop Training for Social Action Trainers: 29th April-1st May (20 €)
* the third workshop Advanced Training of Trainers: 1st- 4th May (40 €)
* the fourth workshop Class Matters: 4th-6th May (20 €)

My Contact Info

* Name
* Address
* Phone
* E-mail
* remarks/ questions

Dietary and Medical Needs General Meal Preference:

Vegan (no animal products)
Are there any foods you cannot eat? Please describe.

Child Care
If you need child care, please get in touch with us in advance.

Please registrate as soon as possible.


Schloß Trebnitz Bildungs- und Begegnungszentrum e.V.
Platz der Jugend 6
15374 Müncheberg OT Trebnitz
Tel. 033477 519-0

Arriving by train:
Every two hours there are trains departing Berlin-Lichtenberg into the direction Küstrin/Kostrzyn; after 50 min. travel get off at the station Trebnitz. It takes another 10 min. walk to the castle. After registration, we will send you more detailed information.

Stop the G 8 Summit -
Trade Unions on to the global arena!

As trade union members from many countries we are part of the protest against the G-8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm. Like no other international institution, these annual
summit meetings are symbols of world-wide neoliberal dominance. World economic summits serve global coordination and division of power. That way they stabilise the neoliberal world economic order with its ever worse consequences for the majority of the people. An elitist minority in that context appropriates the wealth that millions of people produce.

We support the protest against imperial power strategies and wars, against the predatory exploitation of nature and the ever more threatening climatic change. As against its promises, global capitalism drives humanity into existential crisis. Without peace, nothing is worth it. And without an answer to the threatening climatic catastrophe nothing is worth it either.

The globalisation of capital and labour markets has placed the employees in a world-wide competition against one another. Without scruples, the workforces of individual countries, branches and locations are played out against one another - in a dumping competition for jobs, working conditions, wages and human dignity. As union members we therefore demand:
* The core work norms are a human right and must be imposed as human rights. Among them there count the rights to the founding of trade unions and to the conduct of

collective bargaining, the abolition of child and forced labour in work and profession. Infringements must be made public and be followed by harsher sanctions.
* Legal maximum work time: Work redistribution is the decisive means against an unemployment 200 million high and 1.4 billon "working poor" world-wide. Productivity advances must become social progress by way of cuts in work time: the 30 hour-week being the goal, the 40 hour-week must become the world-wide legal maximum labour time.
* Minimal wages that already exist, even if inadequately so, must become world-wide minimal standard. At 60% of the respective national average wage, they must be allowed to unfold global validity.
* Systems of public existential services and guarantees for the future must be built up or respectively protected against privatisation and commercialisation. Health, education, public security and the natural bases of life should not become merchandise.
* Business protection and participation rights must be regulated by law in order to guarantee the employees minimal protection against arbitrary treatment by the employers.
The relationship of forces between capital and labour has dramatically shifted to the benefit of capital in the course of globalisation. Global financial markets and firms acting across borders in the meantime dispose of a gigantic potential for extortion face to the nation states (tax and environmental dumping, deregulation of labour markets) and face to the trade unions organised solely on the basis of the nation state.

We have to get out of this historical defensive by staying right on the heels of capital, overcome linguistic barriers and mutual ignorance and recognise the communalities in our interests, cooperate across frontiers at all levels of trade union activity and get together for protest and resistance, for instance on occasion of the strike demonstration against the Bolkestein directive, of the international strikes of the harbour workers and sailors and now in June 2007 against the World Economic Summit in Heiligendamm.

We know that we are still at the beginning of this road. Yet we also know that only by the overcoming of competition among each other and with the help of globally acting trade unions we will be able to effectively counter globally acting capital.

(Selection, an official publication with all first signatories will follow)

Detlef Baade, Business Councillor/Schweb representation/K-Sbv, Hamburg
Hagen Battran, GEW District chairman, Freiburg
Gerd Buddin, Vice chairman of the trade union ver.di, District of Berlin
Patrick von Brandt, ver.di Regional district youth secretary, Lower Saxony-Bremen
Jeanine Geißler, ver.di youth education secretary, Hannover
Werner Dreibus, authorised representative of IG Metall, Offenbach
Roland Hamm, first authorised representative, IG Metall, Aalen
Ralf Krämer, ver.di trade union secretary, Berlin
Walter Mayer, IG Metall trade union secretary on pension, Berlin
Bernd Riexinger, ver.di District executive chairman, Stuttgart
Werner Sauerborn, ver.di trade union secretary, Stuttgart
Heidi Scharf, first authorised representative IG Metall, Schwäbisch-Hall
Michael Schlecht, ver.di trade union secretary, Berlin
Berno Schuckart, collegial representation, ver.di Hamburg
Sibylle Stamm, ver.di regional chairman, Baden-Württemberg
Roland Tremper, ver.di district executive chairman, Berlin
and many others.....

Dirk Spöri,, tel. 0160 7942195, Auwaldstr. 29, 79110 Freiburg
Werner Sauerborn,
Translation: Carla Krüger;

[Trade Unionists against competition for location and world-wide wage dumping]

Concept of a Videoactivist network for mediawork around the G8 2007 in Heiligendamm

The Videoactivist-Network consists of filmmakers, who have set the goal to help activists to present their own story and publicize it through the medium of video. There have already been work-meetings on this topic, 3-4 times a year, since spring 2005. These meetings have consisted of existing networks as well as various groups and individuals.

The current focus of the network is the mobilization for and reporting on the anti-G8 protests. To this point, we have discussed the following concept, which we would like to present here:

Basics of Videoactivism

Videorecordings will be published on indymedia or similar structures. Filmed actions will generally be pixelated, ie. people will be made unrecognizable unless the filmed person has explicitly said otherwise. The transmission of recordings by a legal-public or a private "program institution" is only at the wish of the group being filmed. The one exception is release of video to expose Nazis.
All material will be furnished with a logo to make "license offenses" harder. We will provide a contact to handle questions for footage from the press.

Before the Summit

Videos about globalization will be produced and published. A collection of films on that topic will be put together for arthouse cinemas, public access TV channels, and other venues. This collection is intended for screening before the summit, but will be shown during and afterwards as well. A specialized website for the purpose of distributing videos around the g8 will be built or linked to from an existing site. We hope to make multilingual subtitles available, and for that aim, we begin to build a pool of translators.

During the Summit

Production of videoclips for the internet, to download or stream, as well as temporary live-streams. This will provide up-to-date video coverage of the summit from our perspective.

Working together with other media

We wish to work together with free radios and other videoactivists. To this end, we seek preparatory discussions on the local, regional, national, and international levels.
On the level of information exchange, we hope for cooperation with NGOs.


The videoactivist network favors more decentralized locations for A/V production. A mobile editting studio will be installed. An info-dispatch for media activists should be build to collect and verify information.



Global Invitation to: movinG8-RadioForum
Bundesverband Freier Radios

Call for alternative G8-radio-coverage!

On the occasion of the G8-summit 2007, various counter-events and actions are scheduled to take place in Northern Germany. At the start of a week of protests (2nd to 8th June) approx. 100.000 people are expected in Rostock and the surrounding area of the official venue of the summit (Heiligendamm). This will include a large number of journalists and media activists.

The German association of Free Radio Broadcasters (BFR) and the european branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-Europe) are issuing a global call to participate in alternative G8-radio-coverage!

We want to create a jointly organised and co-ordinated program of different radios and radio groups to broadcast in as many languages as possible. The basis of coverage is non-commercial and emancipatory. This also means critical self-analysis of activities by the movement of those who are opposed to globalisation in its current form.

The purpose of the coverage is to have continuous production of short radiosegments and (live)broadcasts. The program developed on the spot will be streamed via internet by as many radio stations as possible and transmitted locally. The broadcast location will most likely be in an independent media centre in Rostock. Four or five internet-audio-streams are planned to allow simultaneous multilingual broadcasts. Depending on needs and possibilities, there will be additional production sites. (Please bring your own notebook computers, recorders and equipment.) In order to allow "correspondents" or interested private individuals to participate, we advise registering by April 30th (see below).

Broadcasts and segments can also be produced in advance. The deadline is April 30th. Prior to the start of the protests, a multilingual "raise your voice" - program will inform people about the impact of neo-liberal politics on the local context of your radio stations. The goal is also a critical examination of (new) social movements. We are interested to see what social struggles have produced what experiences? What role does / did your radio station play in this process?
We also aim to make this co-operation a space for social interaction and to provide an opportunity to reflect on the different practice of free radios. Active co-operation during such major events means creating (counter-) publicity. This can be achieved by using structures and means of production that reach beyond the influence of money and goods, e.g. horizontal organizational structures, co-production, copyleft (free of copyright restrictions). We want self- responsibility to create non-discriminatory broadcasts! No racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, war-mongering or other misanthropic content will be broadcast.

You are heartily welcome! We need your support!
supported by: AMARC - World Social Forum 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

You can also participate by:

- circulating this announcement
- pers. / techn. commitments, setting up g8-editorial staff
- taking responsibility for many little duties in Rostock
- participating in a preparatory conference Rostock III
13.-15.04.07 - (ger../engl.)
contact (engl./span./french/ger.):
Internet: /

Support for travel costs can not be guaranteed for the
moment. Perhaps with the help of donations? (see box)

Bank: OSPA Rostock
adr.: Am Voegenteich 23
acc.-name: RadioForum
IBAN: DE22130500000200068180
catchword: broadcasting
or: legal aid
or: travel costs

P.S.: If this invitation serves for applications of visas: The BFR is not responsible for travel or stay of participants.

Bundesverband Freier Radios
c/o Radio Unerhört Marburg
R.-Bultmann-Str. 2b 35039

G8X Queer Resistance 2007 Germany

Come and get involved in queering up the resistance to the G8 summit, in north Germany 7-9 June. Currently there are ideas for a ..barrio" within the large activists` camp near Rostock, to make the camp more ... camp.

From this base we can organize actions and take part in demonstrations as a visible queer bloc. There are also ideas to hold a preparation week in Berlin at the end of May, including workshops, actions and a queer performance night.This site will be updated regularly, so keep checking to see how the plans develop.

Next meeting of the Berlin-based crew is on 25th of February 2007, 6 pm. Venue: Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg, Berlin