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July 22nd 2009 Genoa -- L'Aquila -- Huntsville

- Frame G8

- The repression against "insurrectionary anarchists" and "autonomes" continues

- Petition: The perfect Wave cannot be arrested!

- G8 'family photo' abandoned amid security fears

- Integrated Security Unit Planning for a Safe and Secure G8 Summit in 2010

- Heard any good G8 rumours lately?

- To those planning to protest at G8: please come with the intention of peace

Frame G8

For those who might be interested, there are two new video “products” from the Genoa Legal Forum Secretariat. More info:

In the course of these last years the GLF legal secretariat has worked on and presented in court technical video analysis on the reconstruction of some of the events that took place in Genoa in 2001. This expert report has included working through 500 hours of film, 15000 photographs, 1800 radio communications and telephone calls (police and carabinieri), the live programs of Radio GAP and Radio Popolare and the telephone register of the police officers involved in the Diaz raid. A chronology of certain events has been reconstructed second by second.


The repression against "insurrectionary anarchists" and "autonomes" continues

On 16 and 17 July [2009], three German comrades were summoned by judges in Berlin and Hamburg, in the framework of the "Tarnac Affair." In Berlin, following a gathering in front of the French Embassy, they were brought before a judge to whom, in conformity with what they said, they made no statements. The German authorities were responding to the rogatory commission launched by Judge Fragnoli, who based his suspicions about the two Berliners on the fact that, ten years ago, they had been arrested and released following a campaign that sabotaged train lines to protest against the shipments of nuclear wastes over them.

Two weeks ago, in Perouse [Italy], two companions were thrown in jail, following a vast operation by the media and the police that merits attention. While the newspapers (Le Nouvel Observateur in France and all of the Italian press) congratulated themselves that two dangerous terrorists had been arrested at the moment they were trying to sabotage train lines, it came out that, in fact, it was 16 months ago that the two companions had been spotted by the Italian federal police not far from a railroad line and that the police didn't arrest them so as to be able to continue to surveill them.

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Petition: The perfect Wave cannot be arrested!
To: Procura di Torino

Call in solidarity with the students arrested the 6th of July in Italy

In the night between the 5th and the 6th of July, 21 students were arrested in a sweeping police operation. They were charged with being involved in the mobilization of the 19th of May in Turin against the G8 University Summit. On that day more than 10,000 undergraduate and PhD students, as well as precarious researchers, took public voice in a huge demonstration to express another time – after the mobilizations of last fall – their opposition to the dismantling of the public university.

These charges are not usually cause for preventive arrest, almost two months after the events. There is a clear disproportion between the supposed charges and the use of a heavy juridical tool. This disproportion risks erasing democratic principles, which must on the contrary be reaffirmed. The twenty-one arrested – fifteen are in jail, six under house arrest – are young students, almost all with clean records.


G8 'family photo' abandoned amid security fears

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and other world leaders have been forced to abandon a traditional "family" photo at the G8 summit in Italy amid fears a protester had infiltrated their gathering.

The 39 leaders, including the US President Barack Obama, were lined up in front of the military barracks in the Abruzzo town of L'Aquila when the informal photo call with the world's media was hastily called to a halt.

No explanation was provided but security men huddled around Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was also standing nearby, was also whisked away.

Not long after, official visits to the earthquake-devastated town piazza were cancelled by the Italians and reports began to emerge of a vocal anti-globalisation protest in the town centre.


Integrated Security Unit Planning for a Safe and Secure G8 Summit in 2010

OTTAWA and ORILLIA, ON, July 13 /CNW/ - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the Canadian Forces, North Bay Police Service, Toronto Police Service and other safety and security partners, have formed the G8 Integrated Security Unit (G8 ISU) to help ensure a safe and secure G8 Summit in Huntsville in June 2010.
Planning is already underway for security operations and personnel have been assigned from a number of organizations to work on this project full time. The operations are jointly led by RCMP Chief Superintendent Alphonse MacNeil and OPP Chief Superintendent Brian Deevy.


Heard any good G8 rumours lately?

Did you hear the one about a new hydro line being strung exclusively for Deerhurst? What about the fact that once you get home from work, you won’t be allowed to leave again, even to walk the dog?

When an event the size of a G8 Summit comes to town, tall tales about what might happen are bound to emerge.

But what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Between now and next June’s main event, the Huntsville Forester will be running a G8 rumours page as a regular feature in our newspaper.

Send us your rumours, tales, whisperings and musings — anything you’ve heard that might happen in or around town as a result of the G8.

The Forester will take those rumours to summit and security organizers and help to separate the fact from the fiction.

E-mail your rumours as you hear them to


To those planning to protest at G8: please come with the intention of peace

I would like to let those who are planning on protesting at the 2010 G8 Summit know that there is already an uneasy tension building up at the thought of their arrival in Huntsville.