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7th July 2009 L'Aquila

- [07/07] This morning's mobilizations: a report

- About people stopped by the police in L'Aquila


- Video: How police tries to identify protestors

- Italy, L'Aquila: the security measures for the G8

[07/07] This morning's mobilizations: a report

Following yesterday's arrests - of twenty one people from four different italian cities, Turin, Padova, Bologna and Aquila - there was a wave of university occupations across Italy. Today, the groups in Palermo and Bologna have also occupied the university directors' offices, as part of the first official day of action vs the G8.
This morning, a group of activists from Rome have used a huge gate to block the slip-road onto the A-24 motorway (which runs from Rome to Aquila), hanging banners and erecting tents. The blockade ended at approx 11.30am, and we learnt that at least three of the activists involved had been stopped by the police.
Meanwhile, 500 people from the "V Strategy" group had left the university occupation in order to block traffic in Via Ostiense (a major thoroughfare in central Rome).


About people stopped by the police in L'Aquila

About the vicissitudes happened to the french citizens who were stopped by police on the 7th july nead the red zone we want to specify that:

* the occupants of the van were only stopped for a normal control, they has been identified and left free without imputation
* it is not confirmed the presence of objects apt to offend thus like the seizure of something else
The people of the legal team have not been informed by the autority



(AGI) - Rome, 7 Jul. - A total of ten persons have been arrested by Italian State police today. Thirty six demonstrators were accompanied to the General Investigation and Special Branch (DIGOS) offices in Rome. Those arrested will be charged with arson, possession of harmful objects and blocking traffic. The position of the other demonstrators detained has yet to be assessed by the DIGOS investigators and Rome's mobile team.


Video: How police tries to identify protestors

After the militant protests in Torino in the mid of may, police investigated against activists. 21 were arrested yesterday.

See the video of police (Digos) and how the they try to identify people by stills of police video material.

Download video from Gipfelsoli: (ogv, 5.4MB)

Italy, L'Aquila: the security measures for the G8

L’Aquila, Italy – Airplanes, helicopters, missiles, UAV, ground vehicles and other devices to protect the leaders

(WAPA) – L’Aquila has been armoured. The Italian armed forces and civil defense have prepared a huge security organization to protect the leaders what will meet in the city from July 8 to 10. Airplanes, helicopters, UAV, missiles, ground vehicles, dog teams, mounted sections, block posts and several further measures to avoid any possible problem. The Italian ministry of Defense called this operation “Giotto 2009”.

Airspace protection will be ensured by F-16, Eurofighter Typhoon fighters, HH-3F helicopters and MB-339CD aircraft in SMI (Slow Mover Interceptor) configuration; it will be also used a UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) Predator that will guarantee real-time monitoring of the area.