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July 6th 2009 L'Aquila

- G8: Wave of arrests in Italy

- New map of the practicability in the days of the G8 and alternative ways

- Vademécum Antirepression G-8, July 2009

- Clashes at Italian anti-US demonstration

- Six police hurt in clashes at Italian anti-US military base demo

- Against the master's G8 on July The 10 th Aquila

- L'Aquila - Let's illuminate the truth

- Direct fighting & peering informing

- 35th G8 Summit

- 600 people demonstrated against G8 in Berlin

G8: Wave of arrests in Italy


Press release 6th July 2009

* At least 21 activists in various cities affected
* Universities occupied for protest

At least 21 italian activists were arrested by political police “Digos” this morning. 16 were taken to prison, five have to stay under house arrest.

The police attack affected activists from Torino, Padova, Bologna and Naples, among them known members of social centres. One of the arrested was followed by the police up to L’Aquila, where the G8 summit should take place. In Naples several objects were raided and searched.

Under the pretext of “preventive arrests” the police used the heavy protests that were organized against the “G8 university summit” in may in Torino. The measures hit members of the so called “Area Antagonista”.


New map of the practicability in the days of the G8 and alternative ways


L’AQUILA. With the G8 Apex some measures arrive in order to facilitate the organization and for the emergency of the participants and the citizens.
The limitations to the traffic are narrow to the necessary, from the 7 on Sunday 5th July to the 12 of 11th Saturday July.

The circulation is limited or only prohibited in the roads near the School of the Financial Police, G8’s Building, and to the airport of Preturo and it does not regard the near hosting camps.
Residents, traders and whoever guarantees the essential and public utility’s services, after having taken a permission card at the Carabinieri’s Station of Sassa, can however keep moving in the interested areas. For the movements in these zones there is a bus service shuttles managed from AMA and the Police forces, with changing stops to the hospital “San Salvatore”.

For not authorized persons, the police has individuated alternative roads around the area of the G8. Moreover the ordinary transports of AMA will work regularly, except for some small variation.


Vademécum Antirepression G-8, July 2009

Legal Infopoint open at the days of protest against G8 in Rome

c/o casa dei diritti sociali
via giolitti 225


for ultimate info:

Download Legal Guide: (english, pdf)

Clashes at Italian anti-US demonstration

Protesters have pelted riot police with rocks during an American Independence Day demonstration against the $US500 million ($A632.27 million) enlargement of a US military base in Italy.

An AFP photographer says youths among hundreds leading a march on the base on Saturday hurled bottles at police who responded with tear gas on the approach to the construction site at a former airport in northern Vicenza.

The work at the base - which has a current troop capacity of 2,750 - will enable 1,800 soldiers presently based in Germany to be stationed there.


Six police hurt in clashes at Italian anti-US military base demo

VICENZA, Italy (AFP) — Six policemen were hurt in clashes late Saturday with demonstrators at a rally of more than 3,000 people against the 500-million-dollar enlargement of a US military base in Italy, police said.

Some 300 youths, wearing helmets and carrying plexiglass shields, pelted riot cops with rocks and bottles during the American Independence Day demo. The police replied with tear gas and baton charges, AFP photographers said.

The work at the base, a former airport in northern Vicenza -- which has a current troop capacity of 2,750 -- will enable 1,800 soldiers currently based in Germany to be stationed there.


Against the master's G8 on July The 10 th Aquila


More than two months have gone by since the devastating earthquake in Abruzzo and less than a week divides us from the conclusive meeting of the G8 in L’Aquila but the situation of the thousands of evacuees is not getting better. The people who lost everything with the quake have to bear a very hard repression and controls and forbiddances in the camps are always more: leafleting ban, limits to the circulation among the various camps, the institution of real “red zones” and of a curfew at 8 pm which prohibits to get out and enter your own tent. And the government obstructs the circulation of information and news in order to pursue its own interest.


L'Aquila - Let's illuminate the truth

Torchlight procession -- 6th July, at night
Leaving from the Castle at midnight and reaching piazza Duomo at 3:32 a.m.

Three months have passed since the catastrophe struck our land.
We have long felt the need for a moment of sharing through which we could remember our dear ones.


Direct fighting & peering informing

We do not pay your crisis!

We would like to introduce the initiatives against the G8 scheduled in Italy starting from the 8th July.

Let's start from the assumption that this G8 is the crisis G8 under the G8's governance system crisis.

Bush fell, the USA unilateral management system fell, the credit system under the dollar and monetarism rules fell and no other governance system is already in place.

Under this sky we had a radical assumption: we do not pay their crisis.

We encourage to accelerate the protests, to put in places self managed actions, to connect the resistance experiences and to share opinions and related information.


35th G8 Summit

By Ben Trott

Next week, the eyes of much of the world’s media will be focussed on L’Aquila, Abruzzo, for the 35th G8 Summit. Responses to the current global economic crisis will be high on the agenda. As ever, protests are expected – albeit unlikely of the international order often seen over the last decade.

Eight years ago, the breadth, scale and militancy of the Genoa G8 protests, as well as the police’s brutal reaction, garnered global coverage. The event formed part of a global cycle of struggles that included protests against other summits elsewhere in the world, as well as simultaneous demonstrations during the Genoa Summit itself. Since the turn of the Century, millions have taken to the streets against the doctrine of neoliberalism – a programme of privatisation, deregulation and financialisation – with the claim that ‘another world is possible’.


600 people demonstrated against G8 in Berlin

Today 4th of july around 600 demonstrators showed their solidarity with the protests in Italy against G8 and expressed resistance against “security architectures” (see the call on With the slogan “Quake G8 – We are your crisis” the march started in Kreuzberg, passed the italian chamber of commerce and crossed the center of Berlin with russian and british embassy ending at Brandenburger Tor, next to the french and US embassy (which was abandonned because their party was shifted to western Berlin). Slogans shouted at the demonstration were like “Berlin, L`Aquila, resistance is international”, “A, anti, anticapitalista” and “G8, G8, we are here, the black block from Genoa” (that sounds more nice in german).

Several speeches were held, such as focussing on G8 and climate politics, G8 and militarism and war, the mobilization in Italy, the protests in Vicenza today and the courtcases in Genoa against activists and police. A solidarity note was sent to the big demonstration in Vicenza. Italian comrades explained some dates of the mobilization. Solidarity was shown with the two italians that were imprisoned yesterday, accusing them being part of an “anarcho-insurrectionalist conspiracy”. Police claims that they tried to sabotage a railway line by placing “iron couplers” at the electrical cables that should tear them down when a train is passing (see for similar investigations in France).