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October 23rd Strasbourg/ Baden-Baden -- Genoa

- Radical resistance against the Nato Summit 2009: International Meeting january

- Anti-NATO protest -- Proposal for an action day against the "European security architecture"

- G8 Genoa 2001: Sentence in Diaz trial 7th November!

- Some court dates in Genoa

- Block the Vichy European Summit on Immigration, November 3-4 2008!

- Proactive Repression -- Materials on policy changes in European Justice and Home Affairs

Radical resistance against the Nato Summit 2009: International Meeting january

Some people and groups from different european countries have state they are interested in a international preparation meeting as part of the mobilisation for the upcoming Nato Summit in April 2009. The meeting would involve advance coordination of the anarchist, autonomous and left-radical spectrum and would have concrete strategic agreements as the aim but it would also give the opportunity to make new and reinforce existing links and networks from past mobilisations against G8 Summits.

We strongly agree with this suggestion for different reasons and want to propose the 17th and 18th january as dates for this international meeting.

We are people from different anarchist, autonomous and radial left spectrum who mobilised together in France in preparation for the for G8 summit in Heiligendamm. After the Summit, we decided to maintain the existing connections of all involved to work on a durable network of radial left groups.

At first this was within in context of the upcoming G8 Summit in France 2011. Now we want to initiate a process for a permanent and organised resistance against global dominating power structures.

We seek a continuous process of cross-linking and asked ourselves why dissent! Networks haven't continued in some countries, even though they've been full of potential, broad and - although chaotic - very effective ?
We decided on a decentralised structure for Dissent! following the PGA-Hallmarks rather than as a “alliance” of different groups. long disagreements in France would make such an alliance rather difficult.

We recognise that Dissent! has existed solely in the context of concrete G8 preparations. It hasn't been possible to keep Dissent! active after the end of the joint mobilisation.
We see Dissent! as a process of networking which has constantly to adapt to new situations to be able to react and approach on common further aims. Whether G8, NATO or the joint collapse of the European security architecture.....

The broad mobilisation against the NATO Summit 2009 is a great chance for another international networking of anarchistic and autonomous people.

Therefore, we are convinced of the need of this gathering.

We haven't committed to use the name Dissent yet, so we don't want to give that impression in this invitation or in the process resulting of this meeting.

Nevertheless we do want explicitly invite those who have identified with the aims of Dissent! in past mobilisatons.

This meeting is meant to give us the opportunity to coordinate and prepare our actions for april 2009 and to start a discussion on how we can become a permanent and international network capable of action and reaction.
The world is changing every day: Europe arms itself on all levels for the coming climate change, war abroad. This is shown in the way it manages resources ressources. The gates to Europe are closed, the security regime is tightening up and the global financial crisis is not knocking on the door – it has stepped inside.....

an informative invitation and a proposal for a Agenda will follow in different languages !
It would be very useful if people could send us their ideas and proposals for the Agenda of this weekends. You can find the mailadress and publix key below.


Dissent! France

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Anti-NATO protest -- Proposal for an action day against the "European security architecture"

NATO is planning to host their annual conference next year in France and Germany in the cities of Strasbourg and Baden-Baden. While the summit itself will take place in Strasbourg, the “working dinners” of the ministers of defence will be held in Baden-Baden, Germany, between Karlsruhe and Kehl, around 50 kilometres from Strasbourg.

The summit will celebrate the 60th anniversary of this war alliance, when the member states will discuss NATO’s new strategic direction. As in 1999 large changes are planned.

In a strategy paper published in April 2007, five former generals stress the need for a more “proactive approach”, in which the preemption and prevention of threats are central. To the NATO strategists an array of threats exist in today’s uncertain world, from terrorism and transnational crime to unrests following food crises, social conflicts as a result of climate change and extensive migration to the countries of the NATO alliance. These are all central security risks that fall within NATO’s remit. The paper maintains that proper “defence” requires the concept of “homeland security”, which entails a “comprehensive approach” of the military, police, politics, research, academics and civil society and the continued blurring of internal and external security to build up a “global security architecture”.

Interior ministers of the European Union have also presented a wish list for changes in Home Affairs in the EU. For this, they formed the “Future Group” initiated by the German interior minister Schäuble and Frattini, the former EU commissioner of “Justice and Home affairs” (JHA), now the foreign minister in Berlusconi’s government. In Autumn 2009, under Swedish presidency, interior ministers will meet in Stockholm to decide the next five year framework on internal security in the EU. In their paper they focus on more surveillance of the internet, common access to European police databases, more cross-border police collaboration to fight “illegal migration” and force countries outside the EU to take back their citizens who enter the EU without a visa, making border crossing for EU citizens easier through biometrics and RFiD, enlarging the competencies of the police agency Europol and the migration police Frontex. Also, interior ministers see a “growing interdependence between internal and external security” and argue for more interventions of the EU in “third countries”.

To draw attention to and campaign against the ongoing melting of Home Affairs, war and defence and the logic of securitisation, we propose an action day arount the NATO summit in April 2009. The action day could take place on the opening day of the camps against the summit, planned for April 1st, two days before the summit.

Possible focuses could be

* the border between Strasbourg and Kehl (to protest against the Schengen Information System (SIS) and Visa Information System (VIS), Frontex, border management, the use of drones and satellites to observe borders, the exchange of data prior to summit protests, the refusal of entry for people participating in protests
* the Schengen Information System that is located in Strasbourg
* the European Commission that is responsible for the creation of a European police agency and a European migration police
* the Eurocorps, a European crisis reaction force that will be able to be deployed under NATO or EU command in future

In Strasbourg there is also a migrant detention centre located on military territory. There are also companies that are involved in biometrics, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The French military is running several bases and the “Legion Etrangére” is based in Strasbourg.

We wish to organize an action day that focusses on the grave changes in the “security architecture” constructed by politicians, police and military. There is a shift towards “risk analyses”, that want to foresee and predict dissent, social conflict and crime. In this logic, everyone is seen as a possible threat.

We would like to get in contact with groups that are working on migration, filesharing networks, alternative providers, terrorism cases, data retention, the Lissabon treaty, antimilitarism, climate and environment and civil liberties to develop both a radical critique and strengthen a broad movement to intervene against the security architecture of globalised war and capitalism."

We will present and discuss this proposal at a preparatory meeting for the anti-NATO protests on January 17th and 18th 2009. There we want to develop a proposal to present at the action conference on February 14th and 15th in Strasbourg.

Gipfelsoli, dissent! France

G8 Genoa 2001: Sentence in Diaz trial 7th November!

On the Friday, 7th November the trial will begin in the morning around 9h30, then the judges will retire to their chamber to decide the sentence. In the last two big trials (against the 25 italian activists and police barracks Bolzaneto) this took all day. The final verdict will probably be announced late in the evening.

The Diaz raid by the police at the end of the G8 summit took 93 illegal arrests and 61 injured activists, some of them very heavily. All of them went to hospital. The police falsified proofs for the trial (like molotov cocktails). 29 policemen are accused, because officially only the leaders were able to be identified. The prosecutor demands 110 years of prison in total.

Source: email | Gipfelsoli

Some court dates in Genoa


Preliminary hearing against former Genova police chief Colucci for false testimony in the Diaz trial and former police chief DeGennaro for pushing him to do so. Main evidence: the telephone of Mortola (former Genova digos chief and defendant in Diaz trial) was tapped as part of the investigation on the molotov bottles disappearance. In one call Colucci told him he had adjusted his testimony as “the chief” wanted.
The preliminary hearings will decide whether a trial will be opened against them.


Next hearing in the trial against 4 cops for the illegal arrests in piazza Manin. Among the witnesses scheduled, one of the 2 persons from Zaragoza arrested (part of the same group also arrested in Diaz school the following day).


Diaz verdict: Last friday the defence finished their discussions. The judge fixed the 30th of october for the prosecutors’ reply, the 6th of november for the defence’s and the 7th as date of the verdict.

Perugini + 4: Last thursday in the trial against Perugini + 4 the prosecutor and the plaintiff lawyers (ours) discussed their conclusions. Perugini (former Genova digos number 2 and also sentenced 2 years 4 months in Bolzaneto trial) and 4 other digos cops are accused of the illegal arrest of 5 demonstrators and 1 photografer (who had his camera destroyed after taking a picture of the scene, like other 2 photografers). Videos showed totally unmotivated beatings and arrests. In a famous video Perugini can be seen kicking in the face a boy (he was under 18) who can then be seen with a horribly swollen eye. The trial is not about his injuries because he accepted an extra-judicial compensation for that, but he is a plaintiff for the illegal arrest.
The prosecutor asked for 2 years 3 months for Perugini and Del Giacco, 1,8 for Raschellà and Mantovani, and 2,1 for Pinzone, also accused of threatening with a gun one of the arrested persons on the way to Bolzaneto.
The defence will discuss on december 10th, and the verdict could be that same day or shortly after.


Next hearing in the trial against Alban, accused of attacking police. we proved with videos the police report was false and we are confident he will be acquitted. As for the cops who arrested him (and were in Diaz school the following day) it will be late to open a case against them for illegal arrest, but we hope they will be investigated for the false testimony in this trial.

Bolzaneto: The verdict reasons were to be made public on october 14th, but the judges took extra 45 days. Any further action is postponed.

Canterini: At the beginning of december there will be next hearing of the trial against Canterini, commander of anti-riot police at Diaz school and also a defendant in that trial, for pepper-spraying 3 persons the previous day. 2 of them were lawyers and the scene was filmed.

More cases are going on. The appeal court recently cancelled a sentence against a demonstrator. 2 persons from Puglia have a trial that shouldn’t reach the end because of the statute of limitation. An american arrested on 20.7.2001 just had a trial postponed because of technicalities raised by our lawyers. And more…

Source: email

Block the Vichy European Summit on Immigration, November 3-4 2008!

On the next November 3rd and 4th , the French presidency of the European Union will gather, upon the initiative of Brice Hortefeux,
French minister of immigration, integration and national identity, the whole 27 European ministers of Interior and Justice. They will all meet in Vichy, the historic capital of the pro-Nazi regime in France during the Second World War, where deportation of the Jews, along with other “undesirable” people, was orchestrated by the government.

Today, the European ministers will attempt to firmly discuss on the control on the fluxes of immigrant workers and the application of the (in)famous « return directive », that facilitates the deportation of migrants at European level.

We cannot let this provocation happen without an answer. In a time where people without a status are answering to government chases by burning retention centers at many places in Europe, it’s a minimal task for those who support them to disrupt this gathering of ministers.

What’s needed is to physically keep this congress from happening, by taking over the city, block access to it, seize public space, disrupt everyday life in Vichy until these occupying forces leave.

In France, various collectives and political organisations have started a mobilisation. A demonstration will happen on moday the 3rd , 18h00 in Vichy. For logistical information (travelling plans, accomodation…), please contact Keep in touch

The migratory politics are now european, so must be our answer to it !


Source: email

Proactive Repression -- Materials on policy changes in European Justice and Home Affairs

Presentation about the changes in the “European Security Architecture” and policy developments in European Justice and Home Affairs (JHA). Overview of paradigm shifts, institutions, actors, databases, technical changes and the challenges for social movements.
Download pdf from

* german: (6MB)
* francais: (5MB)
* english: (4MB)

For background info see

* Collapsing the European Security Architecture!:
* Social Movements Against the Global Security Architecture: