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May 29th 2007, Heiligendamm

- Update: Action Day against war, torture and military

- Placement Custody - not like lambs...

- Bordercrossing G8 from Austria

- We declare war on the leaders of the world...

- German Police Suffer 179 Casualties in Hamburg Street Clashes

Update: Action Day against war, torture and military

5 June 2007 Rostock
6 June 2007 Rostock-Laage Airport

11:00 a.m. Start at the Rostock Camp
12:00 Manifestation in front of the armaments company EADS (Rostockerstr., Warnemünde, near railway-station Warnemünde-Werft), afterwards demonstration throughout Warnemünde
2:00 p.m. Manifestation in front of Hanse-Barracks (Kopernikusstr./Tschaikowskistr.), afterwards convoy/demonstration towards
4:00 p.m. Manifestation at the stage Warnow-Ufer, live music and peJunerformancJune
On June 5th we´re going to visit locations of armaments industry and military by bicycles, cars or by walking in a mobile and moved city rally.

The G8 member states wage war, led by the US. G8-Summits are events of consultation and planning. Capitalist globalization and new imperial wars are going together, they destroy conditions of life and push the decline of societies. Germany too is involved in ten military interventions worldwide.

The "war against terror" is a dirty war. People get kidnapped, abducted, tortured. This is no exception from the rule but the rule! The state of emergency becomes normality. Militarization starts in your everyday life.

We want to express our protest against militaristic policy in a determined, diverse and imaginative way!
Come with bicycles, cars, on foot, bring equipment to make noise and signals, bring lots of ideas with you!

There are five large aeronautic and space technology companies located in Rostock like for example EADS, RST, Luratec, Aerotec. The City of Rostock is interested in the establishing of further armaments companies. With his modern naval base "Hohe Düne", Rostock is a center of command of the german navy in particular. In 2006 speedboats sailed from Rostock to the lebanese coast, warships are deployed in the operation "Enduring Freedom". By 2008 five most innovative corvettes will be stationed in Rostock, they are an important factor for the capability of the german navy to intervene.

Rostock-Laage Airport, where the fighter squadron 73 "Steinhoff" is located, is part of the militaristic policy of NATO and shall become an important military base. Eurofighters are stationed and german pilots are getting trained here.

This day, there will be activities, information and speeches about these and other issues, like for instance:

* Garrison Rostock and armaments industry, as an example EADS
* Against an Europe of the military (Tobias Pflüger, member of the EP, greek social forum)
* Fight against military bases (Italy, Bombodrom)
* G8 Summit 2008 and the japanese militarism (T. Kawata, Japan Peace Committee)
* Participation in war of the german navy
* The german army as a mean of job creation
* War and rage in Empire (fantomas)
* Against torture and global deprivation of rights (Libertad!)
* 40 Years of occupation and resistance in Israel and Palestine

Placement Custody - not like lambs...

Interior Minister Schäuble impends with massive human right abuses: he wants to prophylactic imprison opponents that participate the Protests againts the G8.

Legal base for this procedure which indicates rather a dictatorship, are the Police Laws of the federal States. According to those, for excample in Mecklenburg-Western-Pomerania, people can be jailed preventative for maximal 10 days (but not longer as the pretended imminent danger occurs) without that they would be suspect for a concrete criminal offence. The mass detention of Participants of Protest actions is therefor a possible szenario of repression.
The imprisonment of hundreds to thousands Protesters displays as well a practical Problem for Police and their headmen. Indeed, they mount capacities around Heiligendamm to imprison more then 1 000 Protesters, but this will only flow smoothly if the police doesn't face resistance.
Firstly one reacts to such assaults rather paralyzed, scared, lethargic or swooning and don't start to defend immediately. But we must not let them bully us! Blatant state arbitrariness deserves civil disobedience, refusal and sabotage !!!

*What to do?*

Costs and effort for mass imprisonment can be boost in different ways. We can demonstrate insistently the " democratic constitutional state Germany " to the international Press. Images of a Luxury Hotel fenced in barb wire for the holy 8, combined with with mass arrests and in storage pent-up Protesters, speak for themselves.

*Choreography of Mass Detentions:*

You can resist at mass detentions. No one has to go optional, some link arms with each others, the police is forced to carry the people away. Who wants to walk to a transport of convicted if there is a carry-service ! For every person to transport can be occupied two police man and it will also cost time.

In the transport one must not sing the blues but revolutionary songs with the fellow prisoners. Shouting and singing makes a lot of fun together. Thereby is has already been tried together to get the transporter swinging: this group dynamic challenge awakes vitality ! From outside this looks rather alarming if the transport shakes and screams and shouts are to hear from the inside. Also, with a good teamwork, it is possible to reach a swinging effect that makes a driving impossible - the departure with the transport is not possible.

Wherever you will be deported and gathered - stay flexible: Sit down, link arms, build chains, open the rooms, take space ( moreover when there are much less cops then you are to take care of you ). There are often opportunities to escape.
This chance can be used what as well makes fun in a big group. One part sidetracks whilst the others escape. Create as much confusion as possible !

!! For prisoners of a placement custody escaping is not punishable !!

Help and support in case of need: 0049 (0) 38204 768111

*Legal Team / lawyers*

On the way to mass prisons it's furthermore adviceable: no effort to much, no step on your own ! Carrying service is still gratis ! At arrival in the collecting cell the situation provides occasion for a solid inspection: if there are cameras - switch them off ( for example hang a shirt, put a chewing gum ). There are reports about prisoners who have demounted everything possible and threw it out of the windows.

BTW, the facts of the case of a prisoners munity in placement custody does not exist !
There person can demonstrate together in comparison to a " real jail ".
If for example damage of property can't be tracked down to a person, it can't be send a bill. No testimony - that's clear anyway !

If they photograph you, you don't need to participate. Show your best grimace, pull faces, take your shirt over the face. Ask for a group foto with your lawyer. Imagine you can extend this show with your performance to half an hour, that makes for 500 prisoners 250 hours, almost 11 days. If you then also consequently use the carrying service, it will be difficult to them to follow the statutory time until you must see a judge.

! Because who hasn't been sitting on the dock in front of the judge until the end of the next day of their detention, should be released, according to the law !

Also Art don't need to be missed out: water-games in the toilet and sanitary rooms, not stopping flushes and defect water-pipes, changes to walls and doors, what accidently can break is unimaginable....

Somewhen they will put you some cheap grub to eat in the cell, food that you better miss it out. In result there has already been served " cop on egg and ketchup ": yummy !! And dont' forget: also prisoners have rights! Call attention and ask always again for water, better food, vegan food, your medicines, a doctor, a call to your lawyer ( this is your right in any case ).

Don't let hangover catch the mood: rant, shout, pogo, knock against the doors and windows, make music through the walls of the cells with other comrades, sing together, tell police jokes from cell to cell, raise the mood !!! And always know - the others will be there soon!

Choreography of Solidarity:

When the actions will get disposed one after the other and a massive amount of comrades are imprisoned, there can only be one parole: We get you out !!!we come inside - in fact all of us !! Imagine a overfilled mass-prison wich is sieged by thousands of people which want to get in, to get people out ! What will the uniformed ones do ? There is no space inside anymore, the executives would like to see the ones outside rather inside, but the ones inside, they also would like to go inside....Maybe they uniformed ones will form a second siege-circle: around the people in jail, around the other uniformed ones around the jail and around the people and the uniformed outside the jail nice can be inclusion and exclusion !!And all this in front of the eyes of the assembled Press. The best would be even a band playing with the sound of resistance and liberation, which can be heard inside as well....and this will arise images that don't need any more explanation........

Let's make capitalism History !!!

attac (be sure anna, tim, tom, arthur and claudia shut their mouth )

nationwide working group Plan B, C, D

VisdP: Peter.Hasenbein, c/o Haus der Demokratie, Greifswalder Strasse 4, 10405 Berlin

*Here some more details to placement custody*

Not surprising the fact that there seems to be not a valid translation for this word, probably because it is just to ridiculous.

The placement custody, or police custody indicates the imprisonment of a person for several hours or dates, even if they haven't done a criminal offence. The base of authorization for that is to find in a Police law of the 16 federal states.

When the police custody ends at least at the end of the next day, a judge can - depending on the federal state - order a extension up to 14 days. The custody must at least end after the end of the summit. The difference between this and a detention is that for a detention there needs to be a warrant, for the custody there may be served a warrant after you saw a judge, but mostly you won't.

A " sending-off " of a place presents a legal police method to prevent dangers for the public security and public order. Hence why it serves the danger defense. A sending-off will be told by mouth or written to the affected person. This person will then be asked to leave the place immediately. At contravention the person can be jailed up.

Have fun :)

Bordercrossing G8 from Austria

Information in case of problems for people crossing or coming from Austria in direction to G8 Heiligendamm.
By Legal Support Team/Rechtshilfe
Our weapon against this consists of solidarity, good information and
communal action! If you meet any control or check at the border, or
other incidents, please spread the information via phonenumber (+43) 676
- 7746657. Information about the situation on the border will be given
on the website: .

Also we try to have supportpoints and/or supporting activists in bigger
cities near some border crossings. In case you get into trouble or are
being sent back, you can go there to get help and more information. The
information about those places/activists will be given if needed via phone.

In the next days we will provide furthermore some information about the
legal situation in Austria as well, for those activists who want to
resist the G8-summit, but are not able to cross the borders and
therefore want to take some action at and around the border.

In case you get into juridical problems during or after the G8-summit in
Austria, do not hesitate to contact the phonenumber above as well for

Rechtshilfe/Legal Support Team

We declare war on the leaders of the world...

Rioting took place on the chaotic streets of Hamburg as the EU and Asian leaders met. After the official demonstration was over the real action started as the Black Bloc took on the cops. Bottles, paint bombs, bangers and fireworks were hurled at police lines. The bridge we stood on shook as we danced. Many people left the enclosure of the police only to then form a bloc enclosing them from behind. Having flanked them we then had an open reign on the rest of the streets. Riot vans rushed in to collect the cops and rocks and debris were hurled at them breaking windows. One van was raided by the anarchists and riot shields and some police uniforms were taken to use later as disguises. Hundreds of black bloc then reclaimed the streets and started barricading them to slow the response. Armed with mollies, fire extinguishers and rocks gangs roamed the streets, trying to avoid getting cut off and trying to find the rest. People naturally headed towards the Rota Flora G8 convergence center. Cops locked down the whole area around steinshanze with riot cops and water cannons. There is still a general chaos on the streets on Hamburg and more reports will surely come. We have erupted and Heiligendamm dam is our next target.

Those who were able to march against corporate globalization today managed to because people in the black bloc forced themselves through the police lines. Expressing an opinion out loud nowadays means we have to battle with the state apparatus simply for that expression to exist. That message of resistance must thus be embodied in physical action and confrontation otherwise it shall be crushed. We all desire peace so we must fight the warmongers and murderers who perpetuate the greatest violence and those who work for them. We must fight for a liberation where we no longer tolerate injustice, but fight it and all those who defend it. Being weak means they are more likely to oppress us, when we show force we show them what we are capable of and show them their limitations. For those who still denounce violence, get out of your seat of privilege and feel the cries of those who cannot fight and fight for them. Otherwise shut up and get out of the way and come back when you are serious about really changing things.We are taking this world back and there ain't nothing you can do about it.

We declare war on the leaders of the world...
* A war against G8
* A war against borders
* A war against enclosure
* A war against domestication
* A war against exploitation
* A war against hierarchy
* A war against empire
* A war against capitalism
* A war against the state
* A war against war
Get your ass over to Germany. The biggest anti-G8 mobilization yet is going to shut these fuckers down.

[indymedia Scotland 28. May 2007]

German Police Suffer 179 Casualties in Hamburg Street Clashes

May 29 (Bloomberg) -- German police and anti-globalization protesters clashed during running street battles in Hamburg yesterday in what authorities warned could be a foretaste of trouble at next week's summit of Group of Eight leaders.
Some 179 policemen were injured in the clashes, Hamburg police spokesman Andreas Schoepflin said. Authorities drafted in more than 2,800 policemen from six federal states to monitor a march of almost 4,000 protesters, he said. Marchers were protesting against a two-day gathering of foreign ministers from European Union and Asian nations in the city.
`We're not taking any chances, our strategy is to apply zero tolerance against criminal offenders,' Schoepflin said in a telephone interview today.
The clashes in Hamburg, Germany's second-biggest city, add to existing strains between authorities and protesters in the run-up to the June 6-8 summit of G-8 industrial nation leaders, to be hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm, about 100 miles to the east.
A German court last week partially lifted a ban against demonstrations around Heiligendamm, though tensions still simmered following police raids in Hamburg and Berlin, a car fire-bombing and the erection of a steel fence around the summit location.
Schoepflin said 120 protesters were temporarily detained during yesterday's clashes. Seven men were taken into custody when found preparing Molotov cocktails in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, scene of yesterday's trouble, according to another police spokesman, Ralf Meyer.

`No Resort to Violence'
Merkel, who will be seeking pledges by G-8 governments on steps to combat climate change and enhance scrutiny of financial markets, has said she understands when police deal with potentially violent protesters.
`One thing must be clear: Violence is no means to enforce political goals,' Merkel said in a statement published on the German government's Web site May 26.

`We must therefore ensure that there will be no resort to violence.'
German authorities are preparing for the arrival of what protest organizers say could be as many as 100,000 people in the northern coastal city of Rostock on June 2 to demonstrate against the Heiligendamm gathering. The G-8 is an international forum for the governments of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S.
Security at international gatherings was stepped up after a series of confrontations that started at a World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in 1999, peaking in July 2001 at a Group of Seven summit in Genoa, Italy, where police shot and killed a demonstrator.