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April 24th 2007, Heiligendamm -- Japan

April 24th 2007, Heiligendamm -- Japan

- Bike 'n Action - bicycle Gr8Chaoskaravaan against G8

- International G8-alternative-summit

- U.S. President will arrive in CzechRep with his wife Laura

- Japan's Selects Hokkaido for 2008 Summit

Bike 'n Action - bicycle Gr8Chaoskaravaan against G8

With the slogan "wheels for change- ensure capitalism becomes history" one of the five bike caravans is starting towards Rostock to participate in the protests against the G8 summit (June 6th-8th in Heiligendamm).

As a prelude there will cruise a 'critical mass' [] through the city of Gent on April 27th.
At the moment the preparations for the West-Tour, from Gent (Belgium), via the Netherlands and nothern Germany, are in progress.

"We count on starting with around 20 people, but we expect that much more people will join!" Sida Singer said "Together we want to set a signal against neoliberalism, exploitation, racism, pollution and everybody who shares our ideas is welcome. We want to raise awareness among the people and let them dream about a livable future for every human in this world, and this is worth fighting for." Proudly she shows her banner, "futureworkshop" is written on it.

We do this not only to catch attention, but also to get in touch with the people on the street and to discuss with them.
During their tour of around 1300 kilometers the activists coming from different countries will take part in bicycle demonstrations "critical masses", theatres and other political actions.
On the route through cities like Antwerpen, Nijmegen, Gronau/Ahaus, Muenster, Hamburg and Gorleben they will deal with subjects related to the meeting of the G8. These are for instace the racist migrationpolitics of fortress europe, genetic manipulation and exploitation of the earth, and the involvement of the G8 in wars all over the world, for instance in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The events and actions are prepared by supporters hosting the caravan at different stations."We want to use our time together for exchange and to build networks with various local groups from different backgrounds" Paula Farin explains.
The cyclists do not want to take part in the whole neoliberal circus and the division of people along racist and economic criteria. They consider the caravan as a place for experiments where they can realize their ideas and ideals (even if only temporarily). The aim is to create a non-hierarchical structure during the ride, allowing people to learn and act in a self-organised manner. The caravan wants to make it possible for all people to participate, regardless of money, bicycle, physical condition or papers.

The five caravans will meet on the military testing ground called "Bombodrom" near Wittstock in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the first of June and participate in the actions there. Further they will join the protests around Heiligendamm.

More information about the route , actions and how to support you can find at the website:

The west-karavaan still need a van with driver (for food, stuff, broken wheels and legs) from Utrecht to Osnabrueck.


Preperation people from the gr8chaoskaravaan

G8 2007 - There are alternatives!
International G8-alternative-summit


2. Panels

* Tuesday, 5.6.
Introductory panel 17.oo - 19.3o
Rethinking globalization
- Jean Ziegler (UN special envoyee)
- Annelie Buntenbach (DGB federal board)
- Madjiguene Cissé (Sans Papiers, Senegal)
- Thuli Makama (Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group, Swaziland)
Host: Ignacio Ramonet (Le Monde Diplomatique)

Follow-up discussions with the panelists 2o.oo - 22.oo
* Wednesday, 11.3o - 13.3o
First theme block

Climate justice, but how?
- Martin Rocholl (Chair of Friends of the Earth Europe)
- Elmar Altvater (Prof. em. Freie Universität Berlin)
- Klaus Milke (Klimaallianz)
- Sunita Narain (Direktorin Centre for Science and Environment, Stockholm) tbc
- Andrew Pendleton (climatologue, Christian Aid)

Precarious work and growing poverty in a rich society?
- Steffan Sjöberg (Centre for Marxist Social Studies, Stockholm)
- Dieter Klein (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation)
- Katja Kipping (Network Basic Income)
- Horst Schmitthenner (IG Metall)
Host: Kai Burmeister (IG Metall)

Economization of education and the future of labour
- Wolfgang Nitsch (University Oldenburg)
- Neville Alexander (Cape Town University, Kapstadt) tbc
- Sonja Staack (BdWi)
- Yoama Paredes (Ministry for education, Venezuela) tbc

* Wednesday, 2o.oo - 22.oo
Second theme block

Connect social struggles - for global justice
- Gigi Francisco (Coordinator of International Gender & Trade Network, Philippines)
- Walden Bello (Focus on the Global South, Philippines)
- Jane Nalunga (Seatini, Uganda)
- Ingeborg Tangeraas (Via Campesina, Norway)
- Thomas Gebauer (Medico International)

The return of war. On the relation between war and globalization in different world regions
- Claudia Haydt (Informationsstelle Militarisierung, Tübingen)
- Raida Hatoum (Activist in the women's and refugees movement, Libanon)
- Ana Esther Cecena (Prof. at the UNAM, Mexico)
- Boris Kagarlitzki (Sociologue, Institute for Globalization studies/Centre for left policies, Russia)
Host: Amy Holmes tbc

The altermondialist movement: balance and outlook
- John Holloway (Author, Mexico)
- Alex Callinicos (Prof. KingŽs College, London) tbc
- Susan George (Transnational Institute, Attac France)
- Isabel Rauber (Researcher in social movements, Argentinia)

"We are here because you are there..." Structural backgrounds of flight and migration
(17.oo Hearing with follow-up workshop)
- Victor Nzuz (Congo)
- Solange Koné (Ivory Coast)
- Maxim Butkevich (Kiev)
- Amadou Mbow (Mauretania)
- Gyeke Tanoh (African Trade Network, Ghana)
- N.N. (International Campagn against Dictatorship, Togo)
- Karl Kopp (Responsible for European affairs, Pro Aysl)
- Ngongang Celestin (Refugee Initiative Brandenburg) tbc

* Thursday, 7.6
Closing panel 11.3o - 13.15
There are alternatives!
with (among others)
- Hauke Brunkhorst (Institute for Sociology, University Flensburg)
- Sandro Mezzarda (Institute for Political Science und History, University Bologna)

Closing speech at 13.15
- Vandana Shiva (Alternative Nobelprize Laureate, India)

Presumably, there still will be some workshops on Thursday. At around 1.00 pm there will be a central closing event with a plenary discussion with internationally well known speakers.


U.S. President will arrive in CzechRep with his wife Laura

Prague- U.S. President George Bush will arrive in the Czech Republic in June with his wife Laura, Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD) writes. During his visit Bush is to discuss with Czech politicians the U.S. plan to build a radar base on Czech territory.
According to MfD, Laura Bush will have a separate programme while her husband will meet President Vaclav Klaus, PM Mirek Topolanek (Civic Democrats, ODS) and Jiri Paroubek, chairman of the opposition Social Democrats (CSSD).
No public appearance of President Bush is planned.
MfD, however, writes that Bush wants to visit a conference organised by the non-government Prague Security Studies Institute. Speakers are to include former Spanish PM and Bush's ally Jose Maria Aznar.
Former Czech president Vaclav Havel is also allegedly planning to attend the conference.
Daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) wrote previously that Bush will fly in Prague in the evening on Tuesday, June 5.
On the following day he is to leave for Heiligendamm, Germany, to attend a G8 summit that will bring together the world's most advanced countries and Russia.
The Americans want to build an anti-missile radar in the Brdy military district, southwest of Prague, and station 10 missiles in neighbouring Poland.
The Czech government started in end-March official negotiations with the United States on the radar that are expected to last several months.
According to public opinion polls, opponents of the radar prevail in the Czech Republic.
Bush visited the Czech Republic in November 2002 to attend a NATO summit. During a four-day stay he met then Czech president Havel and PM Vladimir Spidla.


Japan's Selects Hokkaido for 2008 Summit

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe announced on April 23, 2007, that the 2008 G8 Summit will be held at Lake Toya in Hokkaido. The dates have not yet been announced.
Abe also said, "I believe the environment will be a major theme of the summit."
The site was selected because of its natural beauty and because of its smal size, which would facilitate security, although the governor of Hokkaido was reportedly reluctant to hold the summit in her prefecture because of the economic strain.
"It's going to be a tough job,'' Governor Harumi Takahashi said.
However, Takahashi also said she hoped that the event would help revolve the longstanding territorial dispute with Russia over sovereignty of the Northern Territories.
Lake Toya is a popular hot-spring resort on Hokkaido, a remote island in Northern Japan. The leaders will meet at the Windsor Hotel Toya, a mountain-top hotel that overlooks the lake. In 2000 Mount Usu erupted nearby, causing thousands of people to evacuate although no one was hurt.
"Leaders of many nations will gather. So we considered the impact that strict security measures might have on local residents,' Abe said.
The Hokkaido police force has already set up a preparatory office for the summit with 35 members the same day.
Yokohama and Kyoto also campaigned to host the event. The previous Japan-hosted summit was in Okinawa in 2000.
Sources: Independent Online, Agence France Presse, Reuters, Xinhua, Mainichi, Kyodo News