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March 28th 2008 Heiligendamm

- Invitation to the international preparation meeting on the 13th of April

in Rostock

- Biggest Police Operation In German History For G8

- "Ask the opposite side"

- Bono to Host 'Your Voice Against Poverty' Concert at G8 Summit

Invitation to the international preparation meeting on the 13th of April
in Rostock

start: 10.00 am
arrival : on Thursday the 12th is possible and wished for.

Dear comrades, companer@s...

The countdown is ticking, in 2 months the summit will finally start.
Therefore we invite you to the international meeting in Rostock at the 13th of april, which we decided at the warsawa meeting. Another chance for the last preparations, for the last updates, agreements and to coordinate the working-groups and to plan the arrival, border-crossing and infrastructure. Because it will be propably the last meeting before summit, the emphasis will be on what we will do concretely in Heiligendamm and how we manage to communicate and make decisions between us.

Possible topics:

Bombodrom at the 1th of June
Big demonstration in Rostock/ demonstration of the facists in Schwerin at the 2 of June
Agriculture action's day at the 3. of June
Migration action's day at the 4 of June
Blockade of Rostock Laage at the 5 of June (Arrival day of the delegates)
Blockades at the 6 of June (Massblockade and decentralised Blockades)
Blockades and Demonstrations to the fence at the 7 of June
Open Concept for Friday the 8 of June
Camp (own structures inside the camps, meetings and decisionmaking)
Translation and accompanying of Internationals
Convergence Centres Hamburg, Berlin, Rostock
Next international meeting after the summit

One of the most important discussions themes will be: Rostock Laage, decentralised blockades, communication and decision-structures between internationals and as well with the other autonomous, anarchist, left-radical groups.

Also we will discuss plan B: what will we do when we can't do any actions in Heiligendamm because we are blocked by cops or what to do when there is nothing to be blocked. Plan B means to move to another place to attack capitalism and economy elsewhere. For the decentralised blockades and plan B we need good communicationsystems between us.

At the meeting in Warsawa we discussed the possibility to be present at the Rostock 3 Actions-conference and make our international dissent+ X positions visible. At this conference will be present all different groups who are active in the protests against the G8. This conference takes place in the same week-end.from the 13th-15th of april. As well there is a chance to look at the area of the actions...

Maybe as attraction: at the 15 of April a demonstration to the fence in Heiligendamm at 12 o'clock will take place!

please communicate any other suggestion we should discuss or meet about !!!!!!!!

hope to see you at the meeting and please tell us how many people are coming from you here to plan infrastructure and food:
please bring mates and sleepingback with you...

Place: Ehm-Welk-School *, Knud-Rasmussenstrasse 8, 18106 Rostock / Evershagen
>From the central station: take tram 5 direction `Mecklenburger Allee'. Get out at the station: Thomas Morus Strasse. Or take tram 4 direction 'Rügener Strasse'. Get out at Thomas Morus Strasse. When you get out you will see the the school because its already decorated. The ride takes around 30 minutes.

*this school where the meeting will be held is actually a school which is empty in the moment and which is given to the anti g8 protest, some people moved already into the school to prepare the convergence-center and also with the attempt to invite local people to create their own social center in the school, you all are invited to spend along time before or after the summit in there and also to prepare the convergence-center and the infopoints for the hot phases there, we need all help for that. lets rock it internationally!!!!!!

revolutionary greetings

[prep group]

Biggest Police Operation In German History For G8

The "biggest police operation in the history of Germany" is taking shape at a beach resort on the Baltic coast as the June 6-8 summit among the Group of Eight (G8) nations approaches.

Sightseers are already heading to the environs of Heiligendamm, the remote seaside venue chosen by the German hosts as the summit, to ogle at a 2.5-metre-high welded-mesh fence topped with barbed wire which has already been built round the resort.

While the details are top secret, the chief of German federal police, Joerg Ziercke, revealed last year that the operation is without parallel in Germany's past. Presidents or government chiefs from seven western nations and Russia will take part in the summit.

The police force specially conceived for the summit with personnel seconded from around the country is code-named Kavala, from the name of a Greek seaside place which many Germans compare with Heiligendamm as a "white town beside the sea."

The temporary fence, 13 kilometres long and equipped with closed- circuit video cameras to detect any infiltrators, cost the German government 12.5 million euros (16.6 million dollars).

When the zone within the fence is closed to the public on May 30, the area will probably become the best-policed place in the whole of Europe. An expected 100,000 demonstrators, most of them opponents of globalization, are not permitted to approach the fence.

Protesters are likely to defy the ban.

"Getting up to the fence is our objective," most of them say, describing the barrier as a symbol of how the G8 "closes itself off against the rest of the world." Many of the 16,000 police assigned to the summit will be employed keeping the protesters at a distance.

The G8 opponents say they will also try block roads, though they say they do not imagine this will stop any world leaders. "They'll all be using helicopters," shrugged a leader of the Block G8 group.

The protesters say they will regard it as a victory if they can delay the arrival of thousands of government officials advising the summit leaders in Heiligendamm.

Knut Abramowski, the commander of Kavala, comments curtly, "We won't let them block anything."

The remoteness of Heiligendamm, surrounded as it is by farmland, woods, a lake and the sea, is both a boon and a problem for police, since it stretches police lines of communication and deployment.

The nearest airport is nearly 60 kilometres away and the nearest city, Rostock, 20 kilometres through an area with poor roads.

On the Saturday before the summit, tens of thousands of protesters plan to attend a rally in Rostock, and it is conceivable some might walk off into the countryside towards Heiligendamm.

To stop anyone attacking the summit from above, an aerial exclusion zone with a radius of 50 kilometres from the summit hotel will be imposed.

However Abramowksi said it would not apply to international airliners provided they stay 10,000 metres high or higher. Usually German air force patrols police such zones.

A small naval exclusion zone will be declared offshore in mid-May and this will be extended on June 3 to embrace nearly 21 kilometres of coast up to 11 kilometres from the white-sand beach.

Police refuse to confirm news reports that two US warships will help patrol offshore, with additional responsibility to intercept any incoming missiles.

This would not be a novelty: when US President George W. Bush stayed in Heiligendamm in July last year during a visit to Germany, a US warship very visibly cruising in the Baltic offshore.


"Ask the opposite side"

TAZ, 17th of March 2007
Fire-attacks damage the G8-protest, says Attac-speaker Pedram Shahyar. He definitively rules out militance and violence in Heiligendamm.

TAZ: Herr Shahyar, according to the federal police (BKA) 72 offences have been taken place in connection with the G(. Do these kind of attacks not damage your mobilisation work?

Pedram Shahyar: Yes, they do that. We want to demonstarte for a just, peaceful, social and ecological world. To reach this aim, it is very important to us to carry out our contents in the broad population. Fire-attacs are not a good means for this aim, but distanciate people from our goals.

TAZ: Why then, do so many in the leftist movement not distanciate themselves from these kind of attacks?

I doubt that these are actually so many.

TAZ: But some activists secretly are happy about these kind of attacks?

Pedram Shahyar:I am the wrong person for asking this, ask them.

TAZ: Independent of fire-attacks, the question of militance and violence is also a part of your preparation. How do you want to guarantee that it will be peacefully?

Pedram Shahyar:This time there is a broad alliance, much broader as the leftist movement. Ofcourse this implies to accept the principles of the other members of the alliance. Attack always made extremely clear that our actions are free of violence. That means: in all alliances we cooperate, this needs to be secured. In this way it is clear that there won't be a wave of violence in Heiligendamm. In opposite: we will have big demonstrations and powerful actions. But again: we will be peaceful.
One action calls itself "Block G8" This sounds as more as a peaceful demonstration.
Demonstrations alone is also not enough for me. A little bit of rebellion is the constituting moment in the antiglobalisation movement. We don't just appeal to the elites, we aslo stand in the way. We spoke in each detail to make clear that Block G8 will be a none militant action of mass-blockades.

TAZ:How does this work?

Pedram Shahyar:We will sit on the streets peacefully with thousends of people.

TAZ:Images like Genova 2001 won't happen definitively?

Pedram Shahyar:From our sides yes and also beyond Attack: definitively yes
But also ask the opposite part. At this time the police uses the violence-debate to discredit our protests. But aslo here: we won't let ourselves be provocated


Bono to Host 'Your Voice Against Poverty' Concert at G8 Summit

U2's frontman Bono will be heading a group of renowned singers as they perform an alternative programme at the Group of Eight (G8) Summit, concert organisers have announced.

U2's frontman Bono will be heading a group of renowned singers as they perform an alternative programme at the Group of Eight (G8) Summit, concert organisers have announced.
With the slogan 'Your Voice against Poverty', Bono and German singer-song writer Herbert Gronemeyer will hold the concert in Rostock, near Heiligendamm, on June 7. Heads of State and government of Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, US, Canada, Japan, and Russia will attend the summit to be held in Rostock city from June 6 to 8. Bono was honoured earlier this month at the 38th NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) Image Awards for his contribution to the fight against Aids and global poverty. The NAACP and The ONE Campaign announced an unprecedented new alliance at the awards, joining together for the first time in a life-saving partnership in the fight against global Aids and extreme poverty in Africa and the world's poorest countries.