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Shattering the Myth of Seattle: it’s time to break more than just windows


Seattle (1999)

The now infamous actions against the WTO in Seattle have taken on mythological status,
with very little actual information existing on what happened, and how. Most of the published
“information” about the actions has come from such “experts” as the editor for Spa magazine
(and no, Spa isn’t an acronym for anything…), NGO wonks, and lefty journalists. Although
there are a handful of excellent stories and articles by organizers and participants in the
direct actions, these have not received widespread attention or distribution, and for the most
part are somewhat narrow in scope. At the same time, liberals and organized labor – who
spent much of December, 1999 falling all over each other trying to disassociate themselves
from the “illegal actions” (yes, the ones which succeeded in shutting down the meetings)
have since decided that in fact, it was they who shut down the WTO meetings, presumably
with their mock tribunals, letter-writing campaigns, and impassioned speeches to the masses
from distant podiums….

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