March 1st 2007 Heiligendamm

- Overview of the Protests Against the G8 Summit
- Invitation for coordinating our moves towards the mobilisations against G8
- First Interplanetary Rebel Clown Army Mobilisation
- Convergence Center Hamburg
- Dissent Preparation Meeting! // Sunday 11th of March // Gent (B)
- Global Invitation and Call for alternative G8-radio-coverage!

Overview of the Protests Against the G8 Summit

Resistance to the G8 summit in Rostock in June 2007 is taking shape. Capitalism, the imperialist wars of the US - with the active help of the EU -, the Hartz IV unemployment reforms, tuition fees and more all form part of the anti-capitalist protests. The Action Plan for the period between June 2 and June 8 has been carved out. Now, we - or rather, you - have to turn ideas and plans into concrete proposals for action! Take part in the preparations! Get active!

The main planning meetings for the protests against the G8 summit were two "Action Conferences" that took place in Rostock in March and November 2006. See: www.heiligendamm2007.de. Several hundred people from Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Korea, Nigeria, Poland, Sweden, the USA and other countries gathered at each conference.

The participants were from all areas of the left. There were representatives from anarchist and communist groups, leftist unions, Attac, various NGO's, environmental and ecological groups, socialist parties (Linke.PDS), anti-fascists, anti-racists and other groups from the social movements.

The conference resulted in the formation of Working Groups ('Arbeitsgruppen', or AGs in German), which are preparing specific actions separately. Some of the more important are the following:
1. AG Mass Demonstration - Saturday, June 2, 2007
2. AG G8, Agriculture and Genetic Technology - Sunday, June 3, 2007
3. AG Migration Action Day - Monday, June 4, 2007
4. AG Against Militarism, War and Torture - Tuesday, June 5, 2007
5. AG Mass Blockades - Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Additionally, there are various working groups that are dealing with practical themes, for example the AG Camp(s), AG Nazis/Extreme Right-Wing and the G8, AG Culture/Concerts, AG Alternative Summit.
1. AG Mass Demonstration - Saturday, June 2, 2007
The date for the mass demonstration in Rostock is Saturday, June 2, 2007. We want to create a broad international mobilization and to lay the necessary foundations for it. The mass demonstration should be an element of the summit mobilisation that brings together all participants across the political millues. It should express the multiplicity of the protest and of the resistance against the G8.
Therefore, there should be political and organisational unity in the demonstration, expressing mutual solidarity. On the one hand, this means that we want a demonstration in which everyone - including families with kids if possible - can participate and feel safe. On the other, it means that the demonstration will react together and in solidarity in response to any possible (police) attack against part of the demonstration.
Contact and further information: www.heiligendamm2007.de
2. AG G8, Agriculture and Genetic Technology - Sunday, June 3, 2007

The working group "G8, Agriculture and Genetic Technology," expanded at the last conference in Rostock. Here are the planned actions:
- Beginning in March, an Info-Tour will head from Austria to Rostock. In the cities in which the tour stops, actions will take place in public spaces and information events will be held.
- On April 17, 2007, we will participate in the global day of action of "Via Campesina" about land rights.
- On May 22, 2007 we will organize a day of action around the topic of "Seeds and Biodiversity."
- On Sunday, June 3, 2007, we will call for a day of action. We will mobilise in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern but are also calling for solidarity action in other localities and for an International Day of Action. Actions around the topic of genetic technology have already been planned. We want to harvest the fields of genetically modified produce around Rostock with as many people as possible.
- On Monday, June 4, 2007, actions in front of supermarkets are planned around the topic of groceries.
Contact and further information:
3. AG Migration - Monday, June 4, 2007

The following actions are planned:
- Before the G8 summit:
- Numerous information tours with activists from Eastern Europe, Africa and the US
- Cooperation with EuroMayDay events (Hamburg, Berlin, Hanau and other places)
- Thematise the relationship between migration and precarity
- Caravan tour starts 1-2 weeks prior to the G8 summit and visits sites of resistance
• During the protest in Rostock
- Bloc particularly dedicated to migration at the large demonstration on June 2.
- Transnational networking meeting on June 3
- Migration day of action on Monday, June 4 - decentralized actions, demonstration and event in the evening
- Speakers and workshops at the alternative summit
Contact and further information: www.nolager.de

4. AG - Against Militarism, War and Torture - Tuesday, June 5, 2007
A central part is the blockade of the military airport of Rostock-Laage where the politicians, advisers and other participants in the G8 summit will arrive. In the summer of 2006 President Bush already traveled to Rostock through this military airport.
Further dates:
• May 31, 2007 - Arrival at the camp of the "Euro-March" and the "Caravan for the Rights of Immigrants"
• June 1, 2007 - Occupation of the "Bombodrom" land, in connection with the actions at Rostock-Laage military airport. (The "Bombodrom" refers to a very large military base in northern Germany between Berlin and Rostock, which is used by NATO for exercises. It is the largest area in Europe for military training with bombs and missiles.)
Contact and further information:

5. AG Blockades - Wed., June 6; Thursday, June 7; Friday, June 8 (beginning Wednesday)
The Working Group was prepared by the Block G8 Coalition.
Block G8, first of all, presented the basis for the mass blockades:
-Effective blockades
-Open for activists with no experience
-Based upon mass participation
-To be followed through in a transparent way

The concrete realisation of this is still in process within the Coalition. Independent of the concrete planning by Block G8, the fact remains: Lots of different blockades by different milieus will happen. Block G8 is just one amongst many. As a result, there is a necessity to co-ordinate and network different blockade concepts.

Contact and further information: www.block-g8.org


Invitation for coordinating our moves towards the mobilisations against G8

Invitation for coordinating our moves towards the mobilisations against G8 We 've already being in contact with various comrades from different groups in Germany about organising public meetings with the aim of informing people in Greece about the upcoming mobilisations in Germany against the summit of the group of the 8 most powerful states of globe. The result until now is very confusing for us... We are told of two groups coming on different dates in Greece (one in March and the other in April), but we do not have a clear and straightforward answer until now. We have expressed our will to organise such public meetings in order to mobilize people from Greece to come in Germany. This means that we can undertake the propaganda material for the meetings, the spaces (usually university buildings or social centres), the internal traveling and hospitality etc. The success of such public meetings is a prerequisite for us in order to be able to undertake the work for mobilizing people to travel organised in Germany, and not just as individuals which is possible without any political and practical preparatory effort. And by traveling organised we mean that after the end of the meetings and up until the summit we can use the centres of our local assemblies as infopoints for the counter-summit, and then if we manage to mobilise enough people to organise the means to travel collectively (the last time this happened was in Genoa where there was a convoy of 17 buses from Greece, organised by an array of different groups, organisations and parties).
Our immediate goal is a collective coordination with our international comrades for the success of blocking the G8 during this specific summit. But we have to stress once more that our long-term aims are going beyond the spectacle of a countersummit. These aims were already expressed in a previous email we've sent out:
"The moments of direct action and confrontation in Prague, Genoa , Brussels , Seville and Evian were not adequate for us. There we didn't have enough time for dialogue and future organising. We believe that the increasingly global shape of totalitarianism cannot be combated by organising the Resistance only on a national basis. That's why we would like to see something international to be organised, not just a good demo and some street battles.
In this context we would like to invite people from different "political platforms" in Germany so as to come here in Greece and have a series of public discussions all over Greece (at least in the six cities where we have local assemblies) about the situation in Germany with the G8 mobilisations, and about any plans on coordinating on a permanent basis. Furthermore we believe that this will mobilize more people in order to travel to Rostock."
We would like to know if there are any groups, organisations or alliances which share common political intentions, and could send some people.

You can contact us either to this email or to the following phone numbers:
0030 6934506680 Fani
0030 6947739316 Danis
In solidarity,
AK Assembly of Salonica


First Interplanetary Rebel Clown Army Mobilisation

Dear Clowns!
It is with great pleasure that we launch this call for an *interplanetary rebel clown army* mobilisation around the G8 summit that will take place in Germany at the start of June 2007.

The Summit will take place in *Heiligendamm*, Germany from 6th to 8th Germany. It brings together the leaders of the 8 self-decalred most powerful nations on Earth. They will plan the further domination of people and the planet...

This mail sets out a *timetable* for the events where you might be able to find other rebel clown army gaggles, and other events that you might want to get involved with!

It also includes a couple of ideas for a "*clown logic*" that we might use as the basis for actions. Feedback is very welcome, before the call gets spread much wider (once some practical things are known).

There are is some practical information, but more news will come on that.

This is not the final plan for the clowns at the G8.
It is a first attempt.

*Be creative. Send us your ideas. Tell us if you're interested in coming!

General contact point for actions:*
- beaclown@online.de
- lt_fox@gmx.net

In the run up to the summit, there are *many actions* being planned in the region.
Here is a proposal for how clowns might get involed.

*Clown Caravan*
The G8 mobilisation begins with a caravan of Rebel Clowns from Wendland to Heiligendamm. The caravan begins on 28th May, and will arrive at the Bombodrom in time to prepare the actions there. If you're interested in joining, contact:
traumzirkus@web.de or +49 (0)175 9620785
*1st June: Bombomdrom
*An action is being prepared for 1st June at the Bombodrom, an area of land that NATO wants to use as a bombing practice area. If the plans go ahead, it will be the largest and most important military area in Europe. There has been resistance against this plan by local people for many years, and the action is supported by many non-violent action groups, under the slogan: "From Bombodrom via Rostock-Laage to Heiligendamm"

This will be a great place to bring rebel clowns/clown army together, especially people who want to get to the area before the start of the summit to make some plans. The goal is a mass mobilisation of clowns.
The practical details (meeting point and time, accommodation etc.) should be known soon.

We would like to plan some common elements for this action, that bring clowns together, including some common manouvres that we can do, and common visual aspects.

A couple of ideas for Clown Logic:

*The Clown's BomBomDrom!*
Well, dear Clowns, the actual, bad and awful B is situated in Brandenburg, nearby Wittstock, about 80 km in the NorthWest of Berlin (and about 100km away from Rostock). That is an area of the former GDR. You should like to know that the 1st of June, the main Action Day at Bombodrom, was the International Day of Children or "Children's Day" for forty years - and a lot of people are still celebrating this special day up to now. So, there will be involved some local groups to offer something special for the little participants at this Action Day - for example the "Commitee for Basic Rights" with an international collection of signatures of children which is called "Holidays from War"; or a music group called "Lebenslaute" - Sounds of Life what means also Lute of Life... That means, on one hand, the Clowns do not have to fear to become the FunProgramme for kids - and: We have to make sure that they will not stick to the lovely Clowns, because there are some "Blindgänger" (explosive rests of military stuff) on the area of the real Bombodrom which was used by the Soviet Army till 1989! (You will get strategic maps of the area...)

The Action Day is announced as the Day of New Settlement and of Civil Re-Occupation. So, on the other hand: Let us use this chance to build our own Clown's BomBomDrom! Our own playground and airport... - We could construct our own TargetPyramides. The Army set one big pyramide at their B - as the target for their destructive power - and a local female artist prepared similar wooden models of it to spread the protest wider by using this symbol: "Every target is a home" is the slogan of the protesters - and the aim is to make as much as possible of these pyramides pink!
The Clown's Bombomdrom pyramides could be of shimmering and brilliant colours and will be best scaffoldings for climbing! And - we might have our own bombs: *WaterBombs, StinkBombs, IcecreamBoms, Bonbons, ColourBombs, ConfettiBombs, SmokeBombs...*

It is also advantageous that the 1st of June is a Friday- so that people who will not have the time and space to attend the following days of the G8-Protest could also come just for that action day. And, for those Clowns who will have the energy, time and possibility: It might be the best to meet a few days before the first of June in case we will have the better accomodation together then - and to get the chance to prepare something in advance...
Two of the BicycleCaravan have also announced they are coming - the G8-Bikeride Karawane will arrive there at 24.5. and the Gr8Chaoskaravaan at 30.5.07...

*First Interplanetary Rebel Clown Army Mobilisation*
Rebel clowns from of the other 8 planets in the solar system (the P8?) are upset with the direct that the Earth is taking, and have decided to visit the G8 meeting in Heiligendamm to make their objections clear. They are especially unhappy with the emerging threat from the self-proclaimed leaders of the "rogue planet" earth, as the rest of the galaxy is organised non-hierarchically.
It is clear that "resistance from below" needs a bit of help with some "resistance from above".

The mobilisisation of an interplanetary rebel clown army obviously needs a parking space for rebel clown army space ships. And *what better place to park your space ships than the Bombomdrom*?

The pink pyramids (already a symbol of resistance at the Bombodrom) are a great "beacon" to guide the spaceships.
We can call for rebel clown army gaggles from Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Bring something to show which planet your gaggle is from.

[ g8andwar.de | freieheide.de | freieheide-nb.de | sichelschmiede.org | euromarches.org]
*2nd June: mass demonstration in Rostock.
*We don't propose a mass clown call for the big demonstration in Rostock, as it is too soon after the Bombomdrom action.
But, it would be good to make plans for clowns who want to go there, and to the other actions.
[ g8-germany.info | attac.de/heiligendamm07 ]

*3rd June: Agriculture action day; Start of an international week of actions against G8
*[ gendreck-weg.de | dosto.de/gengruppe/g8_2007]

*4th June: Migration action day
*[ gendreck-weg.de | dosto.de/gengruppe/g8_2007 ]

*5th June: Action at Rostock-Laage Airport
*On 5th June there will be an anti-militarist action at Rostock-Laage military airport, where many of the G8 leaders will arrive.
Clowns may move there on the way to Heiligendamm.
We could use the idea of the interplanetary rebel clown army again here.
This action (and the other actions before the G8) can be put in the context of a "sightseeing tour" for visitors from the other planets.

[ g8andwar.de | dissentnetwork.org | freieheide.de | www.freieheide-nb.de | sichelschmiede.org ]

*Blockades are being planned for the 4th-7th, autonomous rebel clown army actions are possible.
*[ http://kreativerstrassenprotest.twoday.net/ | www.x-tausendmalquer.de | clownarmy.org ]
*7th June: Star March to Heiligendamm, from Nienhagen, Kühlungsborn, Bad Doberan, Kröpelin
*What could be a better place for our interplanetary rebel clown army guests than a "Star March"?
The clowns will pick an arm of the "Star-March", for a mass mobilisation of the clowns.
The exact plan for of action can be planned by clowns who arrive in advance.
Information on the camps and more practical info will come later via the general contacts (they have contact with camp working group), let them know if you want to receive this info! There are plans for two (or more) camps - and it is quite important which camp the clowns would chose (see the websites about the different groups and movements which are in with the preparation of the protests...)

We also plan to work out a standard training for new groups and existing groups who want to prepare for the G8.
This still needs to be worked out, but there are people who have been trained to be trainers in Gent. People from this group may be willing to travel to your region, to give this training.
*And Now... some questions for you!
*We want to know if clowns are willing to come, and with how many?
Does this action idea interest you?
What support do you need?
What support can you give? (people willing to do "office" support or practical support in the area before the action)
What format should the international call take?
Please give feedback within 2 weeks, as we plan to send an international call more widely, once more practical info is known



Clown Liberation Navy
Koalition der Willenlosen
might or might not set in action


Liberating Invasion Concerted Clown Action Aiming At Seaside Security

Operation L.I.C.C.A.A.A.S.S. Invasion is Liberation!

Target point of landing: 54° 8' 34" N, 11° 50' 39" O

exact date to be sceduled


Convergence Center Hamburg

dear people,

in the context of the mobilisation against the G8 summit from the 6th to the 8th of June in Heiligendamm we plan to set up Convergence Centers ("places to gather") in Rostock, Berlin and Hamburg. In addition to the camps we want to create solid spaces for those arriving and a platform for open participation of activists from other cities and countries.

Why do we need a convergence center in hamburg during the of 26th of may and the 10th of june 2007? Since the Worldbank summit in Prague in 2000 Convergence Centers have been set up by local structures to support protests against events of symbolic concentration of power.

Expecting the G8-Meeting close to our city a local anti-G8-structure developed during the last years (particularly after the G8-summit in 2005 in Scotland) and led after the Camp Inski in summer 2006 to the idea of a Convergence Center in Hamburg in the Rote Flora. Based on the concept of decentral actions as well as the countrywide demand to use the anti-G8-protest for putting local political struggles into a global context, the Convergence Center Hamburg (CCH) can be another step towards a local political continuity, which enhances structures in Hamburg and transnational networking even beyond this year's summit. Activists can arrive from the week prior to the summit to get organized and be mobilized to Heiligendamm for the days of the summit. Because of the new police law of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern we cannot eliminate the possibilty of "Gebietsverweise" (being expelled of the area), which could force many acitivists back into Hamburg or Berlin. Therefore the CCH will not close with the end of the summit, but stay open for a few more days and enable a wrap-up of the days of protest. Of course we hope that the Convergence Centers generally offer spaces to react solidly on repression.

An important factor for choosing this time-period is also the ASEM-meeting of EU-mininsters of foreign affairs with their counterparts from 16 asian countries, which will take place in Hamburg on th 28th and 29th of May. This meeting - like other EU-meetings- is directly connected with the G8-summit, which amongst other things can be seen in the topics of the meetings: Privatisation, extension of the fortress europe, preparation of wars, cutback of data protection, patents and and the renaissance of nuclear power. Fitting into the context of local struggles and anti-G8-protest, the planned days of action in Hamburg and a big demonstration in those days can also be understood as a warm-up for the G8-summit.

As part of the Anti-G8-Mobilisation there will be several caravans passing and stopping in Hamburg. The bicycle-caravan will already arrive in the CCH on the 23th/24th of May. So how will it look like here? An infopoint connected with Rostock and Berlin will inform you about actions, camps and demonstrations. You can find places to sleep in the beds-bourse, have food for action in the 'vokü', recover in a relaxation room and find First Aid support. Furthermore there will be several workshops of which "paramedic" and "legal support" are already organized. Indymedia will supply technical equipment to spread and translate news and interpreters of preferably many languages will provide information and plenaries for everyone.

For all of this we need your advice, contacts, ideas and help from now on. The preparation takes a lot of energy and work and it has become clear that criminalization cannot be ruled out. Even more important it seems to us, is that many different political groups and individuals join this project.

The Convergence Centers play a basic role in the coordination of protests. They are not only a solidary contribution especially for international activists, but are themselves spaces in which protest and another form of collectivity can be experienced. The legitimate resistance against the G8-policies has a global claim and cannot be halted through local repression. As an open space organised autonomously and democratically the Convergence Center offers room for discussions on chances and problems of the protest-movement, motivation and direct exchange with people we cannot meet every day.

We still need: • Action-Food-Groups • Interpreters (for internet and during the summit) • places to sleep • donations of material (textiles, pencils, colours, umbrellas, dishes, bicycles etc) • Transport for Shuttle to Mecklenburg Vorpommern • people to placard and spread flyers • Workshops for the CCH • Donations of money on the account: Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V., Konto 740 388 7000, BLZ 100 900 00, Berliner Volksbank IMPORTANT: Subject "Convergence Center" Please contact us • www.hamburg.dissentnetzwerk.org • Email: convergence-hh[AT]nadir.org • Or put messages in the CCH-Postbox in the Rote Flora

Every 2. sunday of the month the Anti-G8 Info-Café takes place in the Hafenvokü (Hafenstraße). Different themes and forms of protest concerning the G8 are introduced and discussed, there is an information-wall of the CCH and there is space for exchange whilst having coffee and cakes.

So join in and contribute, help us with the preparation, ask us, be solidary and come together...good night G8!

Dissent Preparation Meeting! // Sunday 11th of March // Gent (B)
(the preparation meeting adjoins to the Alternative Bookfair to be held on Saturday 10th in Gent)
From 6th till 8th of June, 8 leaders from the 7 richest countries (+ Russia) will come together for their annual meeting. This year, the summit is to be held in Heiligendamm, in the North East of Germany. They will transform the small coast village into a fortified fort: submarines, a security fence and massive police force/army presence will 'shield' the leaders from the outside world. Although uninvited, we will also be happy to be present to convert the region into an oasis of resistance! Not only from 6th till 8th, but we will be present from 28th of May till 9th of June. Ten days long we will let them and the world know that we would rather prefer their meeting not to happen.
Stop G8 / BLOCK G8 / Another world order, NOW!
On Sunday 11th of March, Dissent Belgium (www.dissent.be *) will organize a concrete action and preparation meeting in Gent (B). We are convinced that if we want better chances for successful actions, we should prepare ourselves well and well in advance. The meeting will bring together people who are interested to take part in the protests (both locally as well as in Germany). It will be a place where actions can be planned, affinity-groups can be formed and people can get into contact with each other. We strongly encourage people from other countries to come as it will enhance our strength, networking and concrete plans for the future.
On Saturday 10th of March, an anti-g8 info-session will also be held at the alternative bookfair: (http://www.spin.be/aboekenbeurs). We will be present there with a booth.
6th International Alternative Bookfair and Art happening (http://www.spin.be/aboekenbeurs )

LECTURE AT 14:30 (in red room)

On June 6, 7 and 8, the leaders of the eight richest countries meet at the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany. On the official agenda the core-business of the G8: the crisis in the Doha-round of trade liberalisation, intellectual property rights and the climate and energy issue. The Dissent! network mobilizes for radical direct action against the summit. Kriss Sol, active in the preparation of the actions, speaks about what there is to happen and local Dissent! groups present us their plans. http://dissentnetwork.org // www.dissent.be // www.dissent.nl // www.gipfelsoli.org
14h00 till 15h30: Workshop session 1
A close look at the G8
What the hell are the G8 countries doing? We take a close look at discriminating policies from the richest industrial countries: Canada, France, Germany, Russia, US, Italy, UK and Japan. Get to know the facts: big military budgets, not respected Kyoto norms, high poverty rates in the home country, limited development budgets, etc..
(Il)legal in Germany
What are the legal certainties and uncertainties for activists during the coming G8-summit in Germany? What are the possibilities and limits in June...
16h00 till 17h30: Workshop session 2
Building websites
This workshop focuses in the first place on the Belgian Dissent website. We need more people to update and to work for the website. The workshop gives an easy introduction to make people able to work for it. Furthermore the workshop will of course be useful for other web-projects in the future.
How blockading?
This workshop wants to give a complete overview of different possible blockading techniques. The speaker will specifically focus his workshop on the protests against the G8.
18h00: Soup
20h00: Food
21h00: Anti-g8 café (with movies/games)

Other suggestions for workshops are always welcome!
Where? @ AC: Sparrestraat 1A, 9000 Gent. Easily reachable from the railway station Gent-Sint-Pieters with: Tram 4 (Stop: Brugsepoort) and change to bus 3 (stop: Bevrijdingslaan) or straight with: bus 9 (stop: Biezenstuk) (www.delijn.be ?reisinfo ? routeplanner or www.map24.be)
Registration? Not obligatory, but would be nice! stopg8@gmail.com
Sleeping places? No problem: please e-mail us or come forward to the Dissent-booth at the Alternative bookfair


Global Invitation and Call for alternative G8-radio-coverage!

[german - francais - catalan - italiano below]

On the occasion of the G8-summit 2007, various counter-events and actions are scheduled to take place in Northern Germany. At the start of a week of protests (2nd to 8th June) approx. 100.000 people are expected in Rostock and the surrounding area of the official venue of the summit (Heiligendamm). This will include a large number of journalists and media activists.

The German association of Free Radio Broadcasters (BFR) and the european branch of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-Europe) are issuing a global call to participate in alternative G8-radio-coverage!

We want to create a jointly organised and co-ordinated program of different radios and radio groups to broadcast in as many languages as possible. The basis of coverage is non-commercial and emancipatory. This also means critical self-analysis of activities by the movement of those who are opposed to globalisation in its current form.

The purpose of the coverage is to have continuous production of short radiosegments and (live)broadcasts. The program developed on the spot will be streamed via internet by as many radio stations as possible and transmitted locally. The broadcast location will most likely be in an independent media centre in Rostock. Four or five internet-audio-streams are planned to allow simultaneous multilingual broadcasts. Depending on needs and possibilities, there will be additional production sites. (Please bring your own notebook computers, recorders and equipment.) In order to allow "correspondents" or interested private individuals to participate, we advise registering by April 30th (see below). Broadcasts and segments can also be produced in advance. The deadline is April 30th. Prior to the start of the protests, a multilingual "raise your voice" - program will inform people about the impact of neo-liberal politics on the local context of your radio stations. The goal is also a critical examination of (new) social movements. We are interested to see what social struggles have produced what experiences? What role does / did your radio station play in this process?

We also aim to make this co-operation a space for social interaction and to provide an opportunity to reflect on the different practice of free radios. Active co-operation during such major events means creating (counter-) publicity. This can be achieved by using structures and means of production that reach beyond the influence of money and goods, e.g. horizontal organizational structures, co-production, copyleft (free of copyright restrictions). We want self- responsibility to create non-discriminatory broadcasts! No racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, war-mongering or other misanthropic content will be broadcast.

You are heartily welcome!
We need your support!
You can also participate by:

- circulating this announcement
- pers. / techn. commitments, setting up g8-editorial staff
- taking responsibility for many little duties in Rostock
- participating in a preparatory conference Rostock III 13.-15.04.07 - www.heiligendamm2007.de (ger../engl.)

contact (engl./span./french/ger.): g8 [at] freie-radios.de
Internet: www.freie-radios.de / www.amarc.org

Support for travel costs can not be guaranteed for the moment. Perhaps with the help of donations? (see account details below)

Bundesverband Freier Radios
c/o Radio Unerhört Marburg
R.-Bultmann-Str. 2b
35039 Marburg

Bank: OSPA Rostock
adr.: Am Voegenteich 23
acc.-name: RadioForum
IBAN: DE22130500000200068180
catchword: broadcasting
or: legal aid
or: travel costs

supported by:
World Social Forum 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

If this invitation serves for applications of visas: The BFR is not responsible for travel or stay of participants.

The call in German