Yesterday demo in solidarity with the arrested today the preliminary hearings, arrested people say that that plainclothes police infiltrated the demo

Yesterday a sit-in expressing solidarity with the jailed activists was held outisde Regina Coeli, 600 people showed up.

The sit-in was held in Trastevere and there were musich and chants demanding freedom for the 5 jailed comrades, unfortunately the section of the jail facing Trastevere holds no cells but only offices, so it is unlikely that the jailed could have heard the chants and the slogans from the streets.

Pic: Roma

The choiche to hold the sit-in in the trastevere area was made because the same zone is a very busy one, so to ensure tha the message was heard by as many passers as possible. in Regina Coely are jailed Sasà, two rome comrades and two foreign ones. Egidio instead, being arrested while in L’Aquila is held in the Teramo prison.
Lawyers have visited the five and have found out that their health is good (except one that has problems hearing), they also have reported that preliminary hearings are bound to be held within today.
Till yesterday charges weren’t known but today the “procura di roma” prosecutor Giuseppe Di Falco asked for the validation of arrests and for the prosecution of custody in jail charges of resistance to arrest, damages and violence.
Lawyers trust that the judge will decide to let the comrades out of jail since the proces won’t begin soon
As one of the accused said, one that was with Sasà, among the demonstrators there were undercover cops.
the monday 7 demo was charged by riot squads even before started to move. demonstrators were about 150 of which only a minimum part was wearing ski masks or was prepared for a clash with police.
there were no plans for violent actions, only for occuping the streets and blocking traffic.
As soon as demonstretors got in the square riot police started charging as soon as they finished they let the “guardia di finanza” trucks pass, “gdf” officers chased demonstrators and arrested them in groups of two to three.
Masked “demonstrators” were seen helping the “guardia di finanza” in arresting other demonstrators.
The arrest of Sasà was also very strange, as they were fleeing the riot police they were brought by other young people, seemingly other demonstrators, into a building nearby; in that same building there were police officers that arrested loaded them on police trucks.
Most of the 36 people stopped and searched by police were just reported and not brought into jail Sasà was arrested because he had an iron bolt in his bag.

Pics of the sit-in