Direct fighting & peering informing

We do not pay your crisis!

We would like to introduce the initiatives against the G8 scheduled in Italy starting from the 8th July.

Let's start from the assumption that this G8 is the crisis G8 under the G8's governance system crisis.

Bush fell, the USA unilateral management system fell, the credit system under the dollar and monetarism rules fell and no other governance system is already in place.

Under this sky we had a radical assumption: we do not pay their crisis.

We encourage to accelerate the protests, to put in places self managed actions, to connect the resistance experiences and to share opinions and related information.

Pic: Vicenza 090704

The first step of the agenda runs the 4th July, the day we want to transform in a Independence day from the people perspective.

In Vicenza, in the north east region, we are building a big demonstration against the under construction USA military camp. Most people living in Vicenza hates the camp, supports the protests and will attend the demonstration under the “No Dal Molin” call.

Our commitment is to block the works in the ways debated and approved by local people. We wait for you in Vicenza.

Secondly, in Rome and in Italy there will be direct actions against the arrival of the G8 leaders. Airports and the transportation or hospitality system should be involved during the 6, 7 and 8. In the same time the Italian movements encourage and claim for local and distributed direct actions in Italy and all over the G8 world.

Feel free to struggle, fight, rebelling, disobey and organize your actions in your preferred ways.

We ask you to kindly share with us the tales and the reports in order to collect and diffuse the information.

On top of that, as you probably know, a terrible earthquake happened in April in Abruzzo and currently strong problems are occurring between people and the Berlusconi's Governement around the reconstruction process: no enough money, no democracy.

It is crucial to help and support the earthquake victims resistance.

Also from the 7th in L'Aquila (i.e. where the G8 meeting will be) there will be a open discussion Forum where a lot of movements will debate how to project and achieve a right and self managed reconstruction of the destroyed houses.

We support and will attend that Forum and ask you to connect to the local people organization in order to know and stay tuned on their decision, respecting them.

Definitely, feel free to email or phone us. We invite you to send us your documents, reports, images, video and any other resource you consider helpful.

Globalproject.info will offer us the opportunity to collect and share all the information and to support the protests. Stay rebel, stay connected.