On the occasion of the demonstrations that will be held in Rome and l'Aquila during the g8 summit Legal Team Italia, Legal Team Europa and AED (European democratic lawyers) have organised a service of legal assistance in order to defend the foundamental rights of free belief, mouvement, information.

In these days the italian parliament is approving the so-called “pacchetto sicurezza” that is a serious attent to civil liberties and costitutional guarantees and it's important to affirm that the freedom of demonstrations should have no limits.

People who in these days need legal assistance can contact the following frameworks:

BORDERS: who is stopped to italian borders can contact the lawyers whose names and telephone numbers are published on the site _www.legalteamitalia.it
ROME: from 7th to 10^th july there is a center of legal assistance at the “Casa dei Diritti Sociali” via Giolitti n. 225 Roma (close to Stazione Termini) tel. 06 491563

L'AQUILA: the lawyers of Legal Team will be present at the demonstration of 10^th july starting at 2.00 p.m. from the raylway station of Paganica.

The lawyers of Legal Team will be present during the demonstrations and will wear a jacket with the writing“Legal Team Europa”.

Both in Roma and l'Aquila for legal assistance it's possible to call the number 3395930900

Legal Team Italia