On 21 June was held at L'Aquila the National Assembly against G8.

The Assembly, very participated and heterogeneous, recovered the document "L'Aquila and the others", emerged from the previous meeting of 1 June, with its characteristics of distribution and location of
mobilisations against the G8. From July 2-10 initiatives will therefore be disseminated in all Italian cities, which will be addressed Mobilizations
against the perpetrators of the crisis and characterized by solidarity to the earthquaked people and for a social reconstruction of

The initiatives planned on 2-10 July will follow this schedule:

July 2, several events have already been promoted by associations and areas in Sardinia.
July 4 in Vicenza, an event to give back the Dal Molin to citizens. Independence, dignity, participation: the land rebels to the bases of war.

July 7 in Rome, host to large network where NoG8 promotes, at the presence in to the capital of international delegations in transit to the G8 Coppito, a "Day to welcome 8 powerful states of the Earth ", with widespread and initiatives "social squares anti-crisis ".

Also on July 7 in Pescara, will take place a Goletta Green initiative against the security decree and in solidarity with migrants, titled "Abruzzo is a sea port, we do not reject",
July 9 and is also take place in cities initiatives in defense of water as well common humanity.

July 8 initiatives across all cities, to draw a "Map of the crisis" through which territories, communities and social organizations in resistance from Rome, through Naples, Genoa, Padua, Bologna, Milan, Ancona, Palermo and all the others, express its indignation against the crisis, the living, the insecurity, unemployment, environmental devastation, the commercialization of common goods, the militarization.

The proposals emerged in relation to the territory aquilano mobilizations, Finally, are:

A candlelight vigil to demand "truth justice and reconstruction to be held from midnight until 3:32 of 6 April
A forum on social reconstruction to be held in Aquila on July 7 and will address issues specific to the territory in relation aquilano the global crisis.
And finally, July 10, a peaceful march and mass in the territories of the earthquake that expresses solidarity with the people Aquilani, the need for social reconstruction, but also the general disagreement against the crisis, which is not shown a real sharing of the promoters in the coming days asking for a comparison to local on the construction of this initiative.
It's clear that the acceleration has been the context has been a direct consequence of the earthquake and because of this despicable government you want to play in this territory the G8 crisis of choice that all these were again convicted.

The best way that we have identified, to synthesize a long meeting such as today, was to bring this report all events. Finally, we are asking in a determined and shared by all, that anyone here wants to bring its solidarity and their pathways to fight in those days they will do this by total the dramatic situation that is lived there.

Only 16 days to the G8, will be the different realities that build mobilizations to spread as soon as more information on individual initiatives.

L'Aquila, 21 June 2009