Arrests in Rome

On Wednesday the 10th of June 2009, our companion Bruno Bellomonte, national leader and member of the National Political Board of the organization “A Manca pro’s Independentzia”, was arrested in Rome.

According to the fragmentary news we received, our companion Bruno Bellomonte is one of the five persons arrested, as part of a supposed investigation of the Anti-terrorist italian police on organizations that would be linked to the Red Brigades - Fighting Communist Party.

The charges against him and the other people arrested woud be : membership of an armed gang and subversive association, though, we insist, the information we have in our possession are very sketchy and fragmentary.

We, A Manca pro s’Indipendentzia, a communist and independentist organization, fighting for the independence of the Sardinian homeland and the liberation of the Sardinian working people (“Popolu Traballadore Sardu”), strongly claim that our compagnon is a member of this one and only organization, and more generally, of the Sardinian National Liberation Mouvement (Movimentu de Liberazione Natzionale Sardu).

Our companion always distinguished himself within the anticolonialist and independentist struggles that the organization A Manca pro s’Indipendentzia has been conducting in the past years for the national and social liberation of our people. His excellent revolutionary behaviour has always been in broad daylight, and never had anything to do with underground or armed struggle.

Once again, we strongly denounce the repeated attempts of the Occupying Italian Forces to intoxicate the public opinion, trying to pass off our organization as a structure based on companions devoting themselves to armed struggle !

As already seen in 2006 during the loud repressive flop named Operation Arcadia, nothing was either proved, neither demonstrated (apart from the unfair imprisonment of 10 amongst our activists !) by the colonialist perfidious poisons, that the Italian power periodically pours upon our organization, which only lives through activism tightly by the side of the Sardinian people !

We call out all the conscious forces of our nation, all the workers and the anticolonialists to embrace our organisation, standing together and protesting, to say NO to the constant terrorist operations led by the Italian occupying power against the independentist organizations !

Solidarity with the 10th of June Arrestees !
Fight for independence !
Fight for socialism !

“A Manca pro’s Independentzia
National Political Board
Nurogo, 10th of June 2009