11th June 2009 L'Aquila

- Leftist terrorist suspects arrested in Italy over plot to target G8
- Demonstration on 4th of July 2009 in Berlin
- Italy/Libya: Gaddafi Visit Celebrates Dirty Deal
- ITALY 25-27 Jun 2009 G8 foreign ministers meet in Trieste

Leftist terrorist suspects arrested in Italy over plot to target G8

Rome - Italian police on Thursday morning arrested six suspected members of a leftist terrorist cell who were allegedly planning attacks, including one targeting a Group of Eight (G8) summit, according to the news agency ANSA and other media reports. Among the six taken into custody, is a man who in the past was investigated on suspicion of providing support to the Red Brigades, the extreme-left wing terrorist group that caused much bloodshed in Italy in the 1970s and 1980s, the reports said.

The arrests, which were carried out in several Italian regions, including Sardinia, stemmed from material gathered by investigators by wire-tapping conversations involving the suspects.

More: http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/272744,leftist-terrorist-suspects-arrested-in-italy-over-plot-to-target-g8.html

Quake G8 2009 – We are your crisis!

Demonstration on 4th of July 2009 in Berlin

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While the worldwide financial crisis and the struggles against it are reinforcing, police and military are preparing for increasing protests and resistance. The institutions of the „leading economic nations“ are forced to reorganize, so this year´s summit of the selfappointed „world leadership“ (Italy´s foreign minister Franco Frattini naming the G8) stands entirely under the sign of this reorganisation.
On the agenda there are climate, resources, food and migration – as security political risks for the industrial countries. Normally no subject for G8 summits, Berlusconi wants to drive forward the „regulation of the internet“.

The inofficial motto of the G8 issued by Frattini is called: „We produce security“.
NATO, G8 and EU are supposed to collaborate more in the „struggle against terrorism“ to secure the „chains of resources“. In the „Tampere Programme“ (1999) and the „Hague Programme“ (2004) of EU ministers of the Interior and of Justice decisions were made to tighten up the migration politics and new departments were established such as Europol and Frontex. A following restrictive „Stockholm Programme“ shall be adopted in autumn 2009 under Swedish presidency. Also envisaged are several missions of the „ European Gendarmerie Squad“ in order to suppress insurrections in „crisis zones“.
In the „civil-military cooperation“ „Anti-Terror“ laws are functioning as a shim for the militarization of social conflicts by NATO, G8 and EU . Those are long since put into position as well against anticapitalistic resistance to bring for example protests against summits under control.

More: http://www.gipfelsoli.org/Home/L_Aquila_2009/G8_2009_english/7241.html

Italy/Libya: Gaddafi Visit Celebrates Dirty Deal

Italy and Libya Join Forces to Prevent Boat Migrants From Leaving or Seeking Asylum

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Mu`ammar al-Gaddafi are building their friendship agreement at the expense of people from other countries whom both regard as expendable. It looks less like friendship and more like a dirty deal to enable Italy to dump migrants and asylum seekers on Libya and evade its obligations.
Bill Frelick, refugee policy director at Human Rights Watch

(Washington, DC) – Libyan leader Mu`ammar al-Gaddafi will visit Italy on June 10, 2009 to celebrate the ratification of an Italy-Libya Friendship Treaty that has already resulted in joint naval patrols that run roughshod over refugee and migrant rights, Human Rights Watch said today.

More: http://www.hrw.org/en/news/2009/06/09/italylibya-gaddafi-visit-celebrates-dirty-deal

ITALY 25-27 Jun 2009 G8 foreign ministers meet in Trieste

When the foreign ministers of the G8 group of major industrialized countries meet in Trieste they will be putting together the agenda for the G8 summit in La Maddalena in July. The United States is said to be pressing for the inclusion of Iran when the ministers discuss problems in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The fringe will be watched for bilateral meetings between Russia and Japan and the United States and Iran.

More: http://www.newsahead.com/preview/2009/06/25/italy-25-27-jun-2009-g8-foreign-ministers-meet-in-trieste/index.php